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Making the Call: Buy the Chips; Exodus Seasonality Factors Abound

Good evening shills,

Before this planet is engulfed by fire, I wanted to share some sagely financial advice.

The Exodus algos are flagging OVERSOLD for XSD now — a low volume, shit tier, ETF. The track record for this signal is flawless.

Also, I used to be a yuge fan of seasonality factors in the market. For whatever reason, certain stocks tend to take off during certain times of the years. This is not by happenstance, but by design. The reasons vary. I find it to be a vital part of identifying trades on a macro level before digging down.

Here are some notable stocks that outperform during May.

(stock, win-rate)

GIS 81%
S +78%
SLM +79%
STJ +76%
ESRX +79%


Biggest Winners

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  1. sarcrilege

    Free Exodus trials not even for poor but friendly socialist Canaleafs?

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  2. moosh

    Thanks fly. Check out XON. I think they had a good May last year (extra zika). On that note, anyone have thoughts on tick/Lyme plays, besides the oncoming plumes of fire.

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    • mos

      Moosh, I live in tick country. Pull atleast 15 of these bad boys off me every season even with permethrin sprayed on my clothing (inside and out). From what I have gathered: its not a big winner for the pharm companies since the only real way to treat lyme disease is with antibiotics (cheap). Refer to Kenny Rogers story where they had him in a AZ ward for death until his daughter kept pushing to have him tested for Lyme. Positive, they gave him big anti-biotic treatment and boom, he’s back on tour. Sawyers makes a peremthrin spray thats sold at Walmart. I get permethrin “as is” at the farm supply in big bottles and mix my own. “Organic” but I still don’t trust that classification any more so I keep it on my clothes.

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      • moosh

        Yeah, I have heard Sawyers is the go to. Never knew that about Kenny Rogers. Thank you for the info!

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  3. bushwacker2

    Sentiment-wise, the seasonality for the 10y and 30yr is very optimistic for the next 1-3 months. Probably want to fade that.

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