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Rare Event Approaches: $TNA is Oversold Lads; Get in the Market Now!

You have very little time to capitalize on this ‘rare’ event. The last time $TNA was oversold in Exodus for its 12 month algo was on April the 5th at $98.41. The time before that was on Feb 11th, 2016 at $33.7.

Do you know what happened after Feb 11th, 2016? A wave of sharp knives crested upon the heads of those betting for western finance to collapse.

Without delving into the details, just know, this is the single best performing signal out of all the triple upside ETFs. Inside of 5 days hence, the markets shall shoot higher amidst euphoric grandeur — casting aside old vestiges of fears that have both beguiled and haunted investors from getting their fair share in the equity markets.

A return of animalistic spirits is the call here — roaming packs of lions indiscriminately eating Antifa-like beta males attempting to stop progress.

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  1. wordofmaoth

    Unreal…nobody comments on this one? I’ll be putting this trade on..appreciate the share.

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  2. bushwacker2

    Thank you for for the heads up. Interesting that the Russell was positive today.

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  3. dmfracer

    Good to hear. I’m balls deep $SPY calls and what’s good for TNA is good for dmfracer.

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