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BEHOLD: Obama’s Teary Eyed Finale

Overall, I gave the speech 1 mic out of a possible 5.


Somewhat related poll:

Joan Rivers just before she was suicided.

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  1. peaches

    You never thought people would be talking about raping each other in the comments section 10 years ago because you weren’t asking if the President’s wife was a man 10 years ago.

    Goodnight shill.

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  2. uglyflint

    Peachpit just signed off for nappy time with mommy. Alleehja fucking yoola !

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  3. momono

    Peaches has the Howard Stern syndrome. Long proven those who hate him spend the most time listening to him. Liberalism is a disease of the mind.

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  4. delta one

    I don’t want to cause an argument but it’s clear that all the people criticizing Le Fly’s post (above) suck way too much c*ck. #just_sayin

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