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The Ever Elusive Dow 20,000 Hangs in the Balance

Do not worry. We are simply ‘basing out’ before the blast off to Elysium, or Dow 20,000. Pardon my absence from the site today and lack of Pro-Trump news, but I’ve been busy dealing with the Verizon guy — who has been trying to take short cuts and energetically working towards leaving me with subpar service. I will have you know that “The Fly” is fanatical about his internet speeds and coverage and will not waiver from his demands.

The Dow Jones traded off, but the NASDAQ was up. Several of my positions were up, including my nuclear bomb play $UEC and Charles Manson murdering biotech company, responsible for the deaths of at least 18 people, $ALNY.

Also, I started a position in $AMD today — specifically because they’re a weak and flaccid company, fighting against a dominant monopoly. In a sane world, AMD could flourish and thrive, helping consumers enjoy lower prices through hard fought competition. I am not disillusioned and merely bought it because I feel AMD is the antithesis of a reasonable portfolio selection — which is precisely why it will trade higher.

My reign of terror has just begun. It’s going to be a long year for you fucking cucks out there.

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  1. bennyhill

    DeMark says no 20k on the Dow. His time machine has one up on the Exodus.

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