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Stocks Advance Again, Led By Banks, Homebuilders and Airlines

You don’t get more American than seeing the market rip led by banks, homebuilders and airlines, do you? Jingoism is in the air. Trump is making deals on a daily basis, making his enemies look like prehistoric dinosaurs — deserving of the glass enclosure at the museum and away from national politics.

The only real underperformers were found in gold and silver today, as the engine of risk revved up and peeled off.

To play ‘America First’ one must think local, which is why the homies are of particular interest to me. If we are to believe higher paying jobs are coming back to America, then there will be richer folks in search of homes. Plain and simple, stocks like $TOL, $BZH and $KBH are buys. Rates going higher only emboldens potential buyers to lock in rates and close deals — before they go up. I like the homies here and throughout 2017.

We’re in need of an olde fashioned bubble to get the speculative juices flowing again. But said bubble must be in an industry that is growing rapidly. To see oil stocks run higher, after being destroyed, isn’t a bubble. That’s just stupid horseshit.

I’d love, more than anything else, for the market to be a place where true wealth could be created again. As part of my 2017 investing plan, which will start with a clean slate and a much more active Fly, I will try to identify some of these sectors that might get going under a 3-4% GDP growth America.


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  1. it is showtime

    Running out of room on vix after 2 sessions
    (deserves an LOL)

    Attempted bank shorts elimination
    (notion XLF goes up everyday deserves LOL)

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  2. soupbone

    5% gold for the hedge, why not?

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  3. Marc David

    Bears .. all you want for Xmas is a rope and a chair..

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