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Telegraph: Senior Figures in the EU Believe Britain Will Give Up on BREXIT; Farage Attacks Chief EU Negotiator for Being an ‘EU Nationalist’

Things are beginning to get testy, as both the EU and Britain show signs of extreme annoyance due to the prospective negotiations. Sources of the Telegraph are saying EU officials believe that if they make the BREXIT negotiations difficult and arduous, Britain will give up on the idea. This, coming after Farage throwing a fit over Theresa May seemingly giving up on key BREXIT promises, will drive Nigel fucking nuts and will, unquestionably, cause BREXIT supporters to apply pressure to PM May to invoke Article 50, post haste.

More than five senior EU figures interviewed by The Telegraph this week expressed doubts that Britain would go through with Brexit when confronted by the “reality of the bureaucratic nightmare” and the “insane act of economic self-harm”, as they referred to Brexit.

One senior British official involved in the set-up for the coming negotiations said the EU elite “seem to think the game is to make us change our minds”.

This stance has left representatives fighting to explain to European leaders how “dangerous” a game they were playing, and how “unlikely” it was to succeed.

A second UK official source with knowledge of the talks added there was a danger that positions in the Brexit talks were already becoming “dangerously entrenched”, even before Theresa May invokes Article 50 that will open formal EU-UK “divorce” proceedings.

The EU’s choice of lead negotiators – the French finance expert Michel Barnier, for the European Commission and Guy Verhofstadt, the former Belgian prime minister and arch-ferderalist, for the Parliament – has also been taken as a clear sign of the EU’s determination to drive a hard bargain.

The appointments were described on Thursday as “very, very tough” by Herman van Rumpuy, the former European Council president, who warned that negotiations would be “difficult” for Britain.

In the European Parliament, which must ratify any Article 50 deal agreed by the EU 27, the mood against Britain was further soured this week by personal attacks on Mr Verhofstadt by former Ukip leader Nigel Farage and the Brexit Secretary, David Davis.

Mr Davis was reported to have referred to his future interlocutor as “Satan” when addressing the Foreign Affairs select committee, while Mr Farage – long a thorn in the side of pro-EU MEPs – lambasted Mr Verhofstadt as a “fanatic” whose appointment amounted to “declaring war” in the coming talks.

Mr Davis’s office subsequently clarified the “Satan” remark, saying that the Secretary of State had been jokingly declining the committee’s chairman’s invitation to be rude about comments made by Mr Verhostadt, but the distinction was lost in Strasbourg.

In his oratorical performance to the mongrels in the EU, Farage first congratulated the former head of the EU, Barrosa, for landing a sweet  new role at Goldman Sachs. Then, he fucking detonated a fury of verbal explosives on the EU’s chief negotiator appointed to BREXIT, Mr. Fucking Verhofstadt.


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