Saturday, December 3, 2016
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I Don’t Like This Job Anymore

It’s funny how I go through radical, irrational, mood swings, regarding the status of my job. Most people that I know would literally saw off one of their arms to make the type of money that I do in a given year, yet I feel as if it’s the stupidest job on the face of the planet, monotonous rabble in a world up to its ears in feces. I get to listen to all sorts of sub-humans discuss their brilliant ideas, day in and day out, ad nauseam, until I almost start believing in them. I’m getting stockholm syndrome sitting at this desk all these years and I’m not better for it.

Let us gawk at the market, every second of it of every day, with hopes of picking the right set of stocks at the right time, before all hell breaks loose, so that we might finance ourselves with the aims of self-aggrandizement.

When the trend breaks down, instead of being constructive about the price action, let us surrender to base human instinct and run for cover, letting fear dominate our emotions–leading to catastrophic losses. When prices rip higher, let us allow greed, envy, and gluttony replace reason, taking outsized risks, not because we need to, but because we want to.

While you’re doing all of that, take a selfie and post it on Facebook so that all of your non-friend friends can like it and tell you how awesome you look.

Momo stocks still suck though.

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  1. j livermore


  2. acehood1

    I know exactly what you mean. This addiction of ours is a curse for the ages.

  3. byhiselo

    most everybody thinks they are better than most every one else…therein is le problemo…learn to fish or get fished you fools

  4. mfalke

    I’m finding some entertainment watching these people with 6 figures “invested” in OCT penny stocks.

  5. doubleplus

    Army’s hiring, though the feelings of dread and constant futility are largely the same. Cheers for the “Bronson” pic – awesome movie.

  6. alf44

    … on a lighter note … Kentucky vs. Louisville tonight !

    Somewhere out there Jake Gint will be glued to the teevee

  7. daluke

    MOMO is back!


    Push every bear you see over a cliff!

  9. The Next New Cat Thing
    The Next New Cat Thing

    VIX is low and dropping even with the Momo slop.
    A sure sign we are in a healthy multi-year bull market

  10. typebtrading

    @Fly, you change peoples’ lives for the better. The knowledge, wisdom, and entertainment you provide seriously guides people to a better place both financially and personally. Sorry to get sentimental (no homo), just know that your work extends way beyond your trade desk, sub-humans and the feces. 🙂

  11. Option Addict

    Love this post. Just took a #selfie

  12. juice

    if its the stupidest job in the world, then you have enough moolah

  13. yoshii11

    Thanks…now I will have this stuck in my head all day…

  14. og

    Day is getting ugly. Yikes.

  15. jpmorgains

    So Good.

  16. tradingnymph

    Nice day for us Bears, We NEVER get any anymore. You know, Many Coal Prices are at 2009 levels, I judge the world growth by coal. Market is one huge manic bubble at this point, I thought SPX 1755ish was the highest it could get…bubbles are amazing. FWIW, this is Abstract Art, not a Job. Picking Stocks is the easy part, figuring out Macro Central Bank/Govt Action is imho sooo hard. Every time I think they are thru, someone surprises me.

  17. xxxhuggiebearxxx

    This is fun….a lot of fun.

  18. bullnbear

    hedges on SALE, SPLK and FEYE off, lets rip

  19. Bullish

    I hear ya Fly… sometimes I feel like quitting my job and becoming a garbage man or landscaper.

  20. it is showtime

    I ‘hate’ this country. Until. Normalcy returns. Everyone ‘knows’ our stock market isn’t reflecting reality. For bullshit to be gone. All i ask

    • sloop

      I agree!! Its been a fake market for four years now. the crash is coming.

    • Bullish

      Glad you hate this country.. We hate you too. Now go back to your cave in Afghanistan.

      • it is showtime

        Residence in NY and FL you twit.

        You can’t read between the lines? When I say I “hate” this country “right now”?

        I will get my way. I will get to see everyone get crushed while I profit.

  21. sloop

    I do this for a living too. (20 years now) My fingers are a nub and they constantly bleed. stress is a bitch.

  22. jimbajuice

    Everyone is an emotional trader in this environment. Eventually, it ends or you end.

  23. xxxhuggiebearxxx

    Elevator down, anyone? Seems like a good time to take some risk off to make the weekend a bit more relaxing, don’t you think?

  24. j livermore

    Buying $GME here hand over fist.

  25. Zenhunter

    Trading is essentially a battle between preservation of our emotional self and the abolition of self.

    Even then, a win is never a win ’cause we are forever flip-flopping between the two…

  26. xxxhuggiebearxxx

    We all know we’re closing red.