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The R is Dead

So GM’s ineptitude led to the untimely deaths of at least 300 people. Remind me why you people buy American cars? These death boxes are made in Detroit. I don’t want to own anything that is made in that city, by those people. Even if they were built in Japan, I wouldn’t buy an American car, since the engineers and management are part of the same organizations that have personified the definition of mediocrity for decades.

Tesla, on the other hand, represents the future. It’s not that I am against American made cars, only GM and Ford. If Apple made a car, I’d buy it in a second. American innovation is alive and well. We need new blood, fresh ideas, that aren’t represented by the duapoly of GM and F. I am not bullish on TSLA’s stock here. However, I am rooting for them.

The markets look weak this morning. Again, this is thanks to the Russian problem. Their currency is in the tank and bond yields are soaring.
Russian 10yr govt bond yields

If you recall, the Asian contagion crisis of 1997-1998 started with Russian default. Naturally, Russia is in a much better position now, thanks in large part to oil. But we shouldn’t ignore what the market is broadcasting either. Government yields north of 9% spell danger. Couple with the fact that the Russian stock market is down over 30% since November, I think it’s fair to say the R in BRIC is dead.

NOTE: What do you think of this?

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  1. acehood1

    Eventually Russia is going to make one hell of a long.

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  2. sk

    I believe you call that Zuckerberg “chutzpah”.

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  3. heckler

    The Fly and Zuckernerd teaming up to keep the Internet secure. So this is why we have to log in to comment

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  4. MX2101

    I think FB and the NSA are doing the same thing, but for different reasons.

    Zuckerberg could walk away from it all- off line/off-grid, and be eating on china for the rest of his life.
    Most of the rest of us will be backed into a life of no privacy and complete government manipulation.
    If the only way an average person can conduct life is online (and monitored), they are stuck. Soon, online will be the only way to pay the electric bill, water bill, etc.

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  5. surplusdroids

    Let me see if I understand.
    Facebook is a place to share lots of data. Facebook then uses your data to sell to others to turn a profit.

    However, if Mark’s data is at risk of being used by someone else..”we need a more secure internet.” “At Facebook we work tirelessly at providing more security” His message is essentially we need more privacy.

    For years and years Mark has advocated for less privacy. “Everyone should share their data on Facebook” This has been his central message. Its a “social community, you should be open”
    Mark then gets very rich by using lots of data to start an advertising business.

    When it comes to Mark’s own data. his message is ..”no no…you can’t have that. “
    But when it comes to others data….yes yes give it to me…you should “share”.

    Recently Zuck bought a new home. He also bought the other homes that surround it. He wanted to tear down those houses so he could have more privacy.

    Zuck only wants privacy for himself.
    Zuck does not want privacy when he has an opportunity to make money.

    If Facebook did not use your data…Facebook would go broke.

    Am I the only one that sees the hypocrisy inherent in Zuck
    advocating for more privacy?

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  6. Trading Pymph

    On Russia: inflation is north of 8%, so yield of 9% actually seems too low.
    On Zuckerberg: You want your privacy–buy a typewriter.

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