Friday, December 9, 2016
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My Philosophy on Earnings

This is still a healthy market. I’ve been researching AFOP and like what I see, especially the rumor that GOOG is a 40% client, due to its fiber rollout. With the stock off 6 from its high, I like it heading into earnings.

The key phrase there is “heading into earnings,” but not the earnings itself. As a matter of fact, there are very few companies that I want to own during earnings. Based on recent history (e.g. BBY), the market has been unforgiving to any company, with exception to AMZN, that misses. Being at new highs and all, any company that misses will likely catch a 20-30% gravity-hammer to the skull, crushing investors to pieces.

Isn’t it better to simply wait for the turmoil to pass, letting “the others” step on the landmines for you?

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  1. chivo

    If the others get over the wall, they’ll crush all the southerners.

  2. Raul3

    C got the smack down today

  3. heckler

    Fly, keep an eye on the urinal shadows, and see what they have to say about getting back into RBCN

  4. the_wolf

    nice PPT stats on RBCN, almost there