Wednesday, December 7, 2016
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Earlier today I got to looking at this market, I mean really looking at it, and was disgusted by what I saw. Chinese stock after chinese stock up 50% over the past few weeks. Solar and alternative energy names up double figures in weeks. Biotech hand grenades up triple digits over the past few days. I’ve seen this story before and it always ends with my penis barely escaping the guillotine.

Although I am bullish and believe February will bring us fruits to eat and slobber about our faces with, I am skeptical because it is my nature to be this way. Deep down, I am a very dark, sinister, almost evil, person, parlaying stock ideas for fun because the internet belongs to me. The bold truth is, I am a seller. Do not ask me “what are you selling Fly?” Just know, that I am a seller, of extreme proportions. I cannot find anything to buy. I’d rather be confined to a wheeled chair than be forced to buy NFLX upwards of $300. God save me.

I am in a very dire and dour mood, even though I am hitting new highs, managed my sales at the highs of the session, and made more money today than 95% of people make in a year. Even still, I brood listening to ridiculous music from the 14th century, angry because of reasons unbeknownst to me. Truly.

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  1. matt_bear

    is it because too many people, like your dentist, are making money? you prefer to be the only one making money in the darkest and seediest parts of the market. it’s like the frat bros have now crashed your party.

  2. j livermore

    Your labor and achievements are under appreciated perhaps? Or is it that you sense the market is shit?

  3. mstowe66

    TXTR should make you feel better Fly……

  4. freebie

    What did you sell in extreme proportions?

  5. belzile

    Little fortunes made overnight will turn into negative equity balance. Just finished reading l’argent form Zola. Not much changed since the 1860s.

  6. doubleplus

    Time for scotch.

  7. budh

    SAC capital filed 5% owner of TXTR

  8. heckler

    We’re sorry you’re sad Sir Fly. It’s probably just the winter blues. How’s the exercise routine treating you these days?

    It has so often been the time whence your fierce and convinced direction and confidence in the market has kept us poised for gains.

    Going super cash with winners is not going to help much – but if you’re catching a waft that the market stinks, let us know!

    • The Fly


      Working out and cutting now. Perhaps that’s why I’m so moody.

      I don’t sense any pullback. I just felt like taking a break.

  9. Yachts On The Reg

    The low quality refuse always rallies the most just before a short term top. Small/micro caps, solar stocks, chinese small caps, chinese solar stocks, chinese microcap solar stocks. The list goes on.

  10. metalleg

    A large pullback right about now would certainly lift your mood, no?

  11. ironbird

    Senor Fly is simply moving aside for a moment. When the retards are stars the gentleman tends to step back and reflect.

  12. jtjudah

    Even when you’re blue you’re posts are unselfish and resonates. Deep down most traders are sinister warriors who are keen on payback. Love the tune.

  13. ironbird

    When will the dollar a day markets finally rip higher? Remember the gods work BRIC?

  14. ironbird

    BBY is crashing. Margin calls? Easy come easy go.

  15. TheHarper

    NFLX still trades as if EVERY person in the world has access to broad band internet and the ability to watch a DVD …yes, that includes sub-saharan Africa. A simple DCF model will make you laugh out loud. Still holding long-dated puts