Monday, December 5, 2016
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Shame on the House of Seeking Alpha

It just occurred to me that most of the people I know are either mentally unstable or deeply depressed individuals. Like most Americans, these people want more, whether it be love, money or power. Without it, their incessant struggle to achieve leaves them vacuous, empty souls in search of importance. You might know these people as “social climbers” or “go-getters.” I view them as trolls.

It’s always better to be feared than loved–because love wanes. Fear is something much more permanent and resolute.

Case in point: people love to make money in stocks, but fear losses. Notice how quickly gains vanish when fear kicks in.

Seeking Alpha is an insidious institution of fear. They purport and spread it via their staff of sophists. When they disseminate their mistake riddled reports, fear infects the brains of the weak-minded, the one’s in the stock for momentum and not fundamentals. Quickly they sell and a dominoe affect takes hold. They’ve issued one bad report after the next, from short YELP at $20 to AMBA to ‘SBUX isn’t going to complete their all-cash offer of TEA due to pesticides’ to CVV to FLTX and now to NQ, with amazing results. They’ve been wrong on every single thing they’ve reported, yet the misfits from Yahoo finance continue to find it in their good/liberal hearts to allow them to publish their crap on Yahoo’s news feed. Without the news feed, Seeking Alpha’s tentacles of financial terrorism would minimized and the world would be a better place for it.

Since when do the “bloggers” or hired hit men at Seeking Alpha care about their readers? When was the last time they were held to account for their scandalous charges, most astutely done during quiet periods, a time when companies are left defenseless?

They offer premium services that allow members to receive these dastardly market moving articles 24 hours in advance. You are witnessing a modern day boiler room in the making, a denizen of stock manipulators and promoters congregating in one disgusting place for the sole purpose of self-aggrandizement. They “mark you up” via subscriber fees, then fleece you sorely with perilous advice.

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  1. zombie

    The Fly is God.

  2. steel man

    That is insider trading. You cannot trade on non-public information in your possession if it is “material”. These stories are akin to a Forbes magazine article about an impending takeover offer. The scribes at Forbes would not be allowed to trade on that info prior to publication. What is the difference with SA? Why isn’t the SEC involved?

  3. bushwacker2

    Moral indignation is one of your better qualities.

  4. pinnacle

    Absolutely agree with everything you said here, its amazing how much influence these idiots have on individual stocks.

  5. tau

    Nothing but the most foul of excrement is published over there. While admittedly juvenile, I believe ‘Seeping Anus’ is the name that site deserves. (I offer the name with the utmost contempt, no humor intended) The publishers of SA would print The Protocols if it meant another 100 page views for their hovel of filth.

  6. redman59

    Nice mention of FLTX. Was digging into this name Friday as it popped on Insitutional accumulation screen but was victim of a SA article in Sept causing drop w/volume. Posted some thoughts on Twitter and digging into the author and research group founders; recent picks show it as a good buy opportunity.

  7. budh

    This is the way Wall St. has always worked.

  8. gatorsun

    word of the day “solar”

  9. gatorsun

    tsn keep on radar,buy the dip if there is one

  10. doubleplus

    Gutless whoresons, the lot of them. Unabashed, naked bullshittery.