Wednesday, May 4, 2016
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This just out. Morgan Stanley cites Seeking Alpha article induced panic sell off as buying opportunity, maintains $18 price target.




This will be my favorite asshat award ever.

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  1. Asshat versus asshat

  2. 13.55ish for AMBA is a biggie for fibo support in my fibo world. If entire market sells off it may have problems with it. The MS love kiss should help it hold it…but not my fav at all.

  3. Hahaha

  4. The Monkey in a suit at Prescience is Eiad Asbahi, not ELAD.
    Still a monkey and an Asshat though..but wanted to clarify that so that the O.S.C doesn’t hit someone else when you fire it on September 6th. (Precision and all)

    Adding more to AMBA today as well.

  5. Awesome. Just Awesome.

  6. Wonder how many got shaken out yesterday for 10-15% losses. They apparently sold to Morgan Stanley.

  7. Fly, with the threat of war (although perhaps brief) looming, do you believe the Jim Rogers trade returns?? Precious metals? Gold/Silver miners? thoughts?

  8. One is Ackman, the other is Ichan.

  9. US is about to hit Syria and start WW3. Russia will respond and Australia’s like “WTF?!”

  10. The GoPro camera is a hot item. I think prescience research is flawed as MS suggests.

  11. I’ll take a piece of that action – I’m in at 13.59 – thanks Fly!

  12. Hahaha too funny. Can’t wait to see how this play’s out.

    Hey Fly how you feel about SALE? Feel like it’s being overlooked so far for christmas 2013.

  13. Thinking this stock is 16 after earnings. Thanks to the asshat for a chance to get in at a good spot.

  14. Story today that Samsung may include 4K video camera in their next tablet. Additional AMBA market