Wednesday, December 7, 2016
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Floating An Idea, at Midnight, Like Dracula

I like to follow breadcrumbs to find clues about companies, small little things that might lead to big moves. Case in point, PSMI smoked numbers this evening and the stock is lifting more than 9% in after hours trade.

So what you say?

What you don’t know is PSMI is a major customer of RBCN’s, the sapphire play from hell, that’s been stuck in its retarded trading range for a thousand years now.

VECO reported a milquetoast number and that might weigh, mind you, on the shares of RBCN. A betting man might step in tomorrow, river boat gambling on the future of sapphire, tasting the breadcrumbs, like a bird, that PSMI left behind this evening.

In other news, The Option Addict is 90% ready to launch his new service. It will compliment our suite of products like a 2005 Lafite Rothschild with a medium rare rib eyed steak (lightly peppered, heavily salted). I am hoping to give you fine top hatted folks a free trial for a day or two, sometime this week or at the latest next.

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  1. BathSaltTrader

    Fly, IMMR posts earnings on the 1st. Is it still a large position of yours or have you lightened up going into August? Thank you for providing all of us “small people” with excellent content, both free and premium.

  2. fake amish

    Senor Fly why do you not play the Japanese money printing? You have played WETF but that is not Japan. The printing in Japan is US like in 09. If this is a stupid question worthy of banning. That would suck.

  3. hybullshit

    Dear Fly:
    Are you still an oil man in CXO ? The WTI is hurting CXO.

  4. Ray Donovan

    RBCN huh?? had it..didnt wait and missed 25%… welp (no jim carey)…why not…give it some run with a very very short leash (stop)

  5. Jake the Rake

    Anyone know why POT and MOS are getting hammered this morning?

  6. Blah

    How will OA service on iBC differ from this other trading site?