Friday, December 9, 2016
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Yelp Just Changed the Game Again

Review site Yelp Inc. is allowing users to order food online for delivery and pickup, partnering with businesses such as Eat24 and

The offering, called Yelp Platform, can be accessed on desktop computers and mobile gadgets, the San Francisco company said in a blog post Tuesday.

Yelp also said Tuesday that it will eventually roll out a scheduling program for appointments at yoga studios, salons, spas and dentist offices. To do so, it plans to pair with brands such as Booker, Demandforce and MindBody.

source: LA Times

I regret selling Yelp. This is one of those press releases that will be forgotten in a few days or weeks, then permeate greatness into the company for years, similar to the day Apple announced iTunes. Yelp is going to kill this business. They’re gonna be the iTunes of the takeout business. I can’t think of a social media stock that is killing it like Yelp, not ANGI, TRIP or Z– and I love them all.

I need to buy it back. I am going to stalk this stock like a creepy serial killer hiding in the shrubs.

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  1. The Once and Future Rhino
    The Once and Future Rhino

    Whoever thought to do that is a smart motherfucker, grubhub and seamless are going to get graped. Might have to cover some horrible shorts and buy some.

  2. Marc David

    One thing is 4sure … they won’t deliver to Rhino’s address. Nobody can deliver that much food to a single person.

  3. Yabollox

    Obesity must be fed.

  4. fake amish

    The “talk about it” social media companies have a fad element. No way it is played out yet tho. Since when did any smart person give a fuck what the ordinary dip shit thought? These are not real business. Maybe the element of real business will make them not a fad.

    • The Fly

      You are living in a make believe world.

      Go stick your ostrich head back into the sand.

      • fake amish

        These companies are great trades. In a truly humble opinion the masses will become jaded to the worthless opinions of the same masses. They must sell something. Opinions are not good enough.

        • The Fly

          I am getting annoyed because you are pawning off an opinion that is flawed and simply untrue.

          This isn’t the 1950’s and people do care about what normal people say about products/services.

          Don’t take my word for it. Go look at the 52 week high list, bozo.

        • fake amish

          No doubt the Fly is right. Gonna stick the dome in a blender and rethink this.

        • The Once and Future Rhino
          The Once and Future Rhino

          Where do you live? In SF YELP is god when it comes to food.

        • fake amish

          Live in socal. Not that it matters. The what we think thing is new. After every place has 100 reviews then what? Saturation is inevitable. The game is changed but will change again. Remember MySpace?

        • fake amish

          Yelp may be the GOOG for this type of company no doubt. Evolution is the key. That is why Ibankcoin is the best investment site on the web.

        • MX2101

          No argument with the trade. As far as people caring about what the masses think, well remember that the masses have bought into social media big time. Therefore they are very interested in the reviews on Yelp. Oddly, narcissism and self absorption seem to require an audience or group of followers for full satiation. So yes, anything social is huge.

    • Freebie

      Are you kidding? Google any local restaurant – Yelp is almost always the first hit, often comes up before the restaurants own site. Yelp is HUGE – I don’t eat anywhere without checking it first.

  5. lol

    Amazon doing groceries soon, yelp now too. Interesting development to watch.

    Food prices low cost and commodities too but nothing like a competition to drive it up over time. The grocery business usually very low margin… But with delivery? It could be a whole new ball park. Maybe Amazon will acquire yelp someday, or Amazon/Yelp success in food delivery will see people chasing like FB,AMZN,etc did to NFLX.

    Wide open playing field. This has to be a growth industry open for the taking. Fuel costs and logistics of delivery could really screw with it at some point, but if they’re smart they’ll hedge with oil futures and other agricultural commodities to protect against rising food costs…

    Then they’ll still probably be able to pass the inflation on to consumer anyways and still be low cost leader if they do it right.

  6. JV

    YELP is a trade. Fuck home delivery. As if that was some high profit or novel idea. $160 GS by tomorrow or your friendo is going to be what you might call a lesbian. ( hubby without a penis )

    Nice Rick Ross and Jay-Z. I can hardly wait to hear the tweens at the next stoplight all giddy’d up. Laughing to the bank creating the aural equivalent of a wet fart.

  7. Juice

    their management is distinguishing themselves … place yer bets

  8. ripper

    damn YELP, they even got levchin on their board. great company.

  9. charles c

    yelp….jeff k got us in july 32 calls…just saying

  10. razorsedge

    new trade strategy……icy stare

  11. mjolnir

    Some of my seed money is going to DuckDuckGo.

  12. TheHarper

    they gotta buy Seamless and lock down the NYC market.

  13. flyaway18

    UNXL, wow.

  14. ripper

    Reloading YELP TSLA and OWW.

  15. It Is Showtime

    Didn’t we do that into Grocery delivery?… (eyeroll)

    • lol

      No… Dotcom they delivered a stick of gum and paid out the ass in shipping fees, lost a shitload of money, had negative profit margins and still saw the stock quadruple in price.