Friday, December 9, 2016
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PREPARE! For the Great Big Silver Run of 2013 is About to Begin

The HKMEX is closing its doors and will liquidate all silver bulls in the process.

Silver is off the lows, which was more than -8% this evening.


If you’re still in gold/silver, you deserve to lose money. The trade has been broken, man, for over a year. If by chance, you tried to scalp a bottom, get out ASAP. Don’t let a bad trade become an investment, especially when stocks are climbing 30% in a day.

The whole precious metals thesis is homosexual and completely inane. It’s supported by hunched backed creatures, who live in different realms, think about the world in different terms. These vile men view life as something one must endure, struggle, instead of living freely–without regard for austerity or hard living.

The generational top has been in for months. You’re just too god damned stupid to realize it.

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  1. figesmalls

    I wonder what the Senator has to say about all this….

  2. Hawaiifive0

    Silver half way back. Folks buying the blood and yearly cycle low due any week now. The bull is getting ready to run again and the Senator and I are ready to ride this to the end. Silver will be 90 to 100 bucks by late 2014 or early 2015.

  3. rogue wave

    Perhaps you are right, and
    Soros, Paulson and Cohen are wrong.
    We will find out eventually.

  4. Lucas

    I totally agree with this. We have to worry about real issues of our world like population control and energy crisis. Even if we do our best look we will still face a serious energy crisis in a relatively short time. You will see it if your healthy and not in your 60’s probably. How precious with that metal be? I think in the future no one will care about it. Can’t believe the federal reserve isn’t even owned by our government. That is just retarded. Fort knox? lol. The Federal Reserve System’s structure is composed of the presidentially appointed Board of Governors (or Federal Reserve Board), the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), I want to know why congress has to mandate these people, I don’t understand. The simple underlying concept of this is just plain hokey. I think it is time to change some key issues like this if these idiot talking head presidents are just acting from their ad-visors and nodding and smiling. Oboma needs to stop doing jump shots with his bodygaurds on camera, stop similing so much and quit trying to act so “cool” Bill Clinton and Obama are the first black presidents… If you don’t consider race? Who did the better job and kept it REAL?

  5. Hawaiifive0

    My macro view is that the equities market will roll over by degree maybe even ending down at the previous recession levels as the Fed. Attempts to keep it going by printing more and more at smart money begins to realize that this ca not be sustained, liquidity will start to leak into commodities and sooner or later the most undervalued asset precious metals.

    • lol

      Shit is mostly digital, no printing needed. Demand is there globally stop focusing only on supply

  6. klondike

    Silver from 50 to 20 was the move… this is final capitulation before a nasty reversal higher

  7. Hawaiifive0

    From another who think somewhat similarly:

    Gold Market Update | Clive Maund |

    Originally published May 19th, 2013.
    For those of you who are short of time and are accustomed to scrolling down to the bottom of an article to read its conclusions I’m going to save you the trouble by putting the conclusions at the start: the broad US stockmarkets are approaching a parabolic blowoff top and should be sold, and gold and silver are bottoming and should be bought. If you have fallen to the floor laughing at this suggestion it is a sign that you have been brainwashed by The Ministry of Disinformation and you are warned to pull yourself together and take the time to calmly consider the hard facts presented below – otherwise you won’t be laughing at all in a few months when YOU will be lying face down in the dirt with tire tracks across your back.

    • lol

      Stocks typically have outperformed gold in major inflationary and hyperinflationary periods.

  8. Mr. Partridge

    DUST baby!

  9. kelkun

    I don’t care where gold is going to be a few months down the road, it could be 800 or 1800 for all I know. I have NO clue. What interests me is the next trade, and I think there is going to be a big trade to be done this week to the long side.

  10. Hawaiifive0


    The daily cycle for the turn around is on an average between days 24 to 28. Monday will be day 22. So that sounds about right. As an aside, I always admired your short term trading style in 1263, but could never quite replicate it. I wish you would teach it on IBC.

  11. Narwhal

    One need not be an equity nor economy bear to invest in PMs. One betting on economic collapse would be better off investing in warehouses full of soured, mashed whiskey and bath tub gin. Most PM investors are not doomsday preppers, but are quite the opposite. PMs should rise with the economy over time; they are luxury items after all.

  12. Hawaiifive0


    True, but they often make inverse bottoms and tops.

  13. Marc David

    Adios AG.. Nice knowing you.

  14. Fly

    Each time silver gets blown out people say “this is the washout.”

    My question to you is: why bother playing silver when everything else is lifting off?

    Is your brain on drugs?

    • Archie

      Not very long ago you went bottom fishing in AG yourself.
      Seems you could answer your own questions here.

      So, why did you do it? Were you on drugs?

  15. Lucas

    I’m just saying that silver and gold will do nothing in an energy crisis and all the peppers are boss down the road. Energy is where it’s at… Invest in bullets, tobacco and alcohol and bury it in a bus somewhere. Ohh and make sure you have some guns. Your gold bars will be worth nothing in that scenario. I don’t know what is going on with all these scandals but I suspect they are geared towards what we are seeing right now. I don’t want all these ppl and pundits getting all mad talking about politics when our dollar is kicking ass. Forget that, were doing something right regardless of breaking some of our own laws.It’s not like they don’t do it everyday any way, straight down to the petty meter fairy’s and beat officers. I guess we will see how it plays out… lol

  16. OG

    If only I listened to le fly sooner. Best thing I did this year was get out of my Silver. Got in some momo (NFLX, GMCR, TSLA) and that has treated me very well this year.

  17. fake amish

    Silver is in freefall just like the certainty in DC. The scandals are alive and kicking.

  18. Hawaiifive0

    Of course, I will play the current trend and I am doing that. But why not dedicate a small portion of the port to a long term macro view. If the 10 – 15 % of the port is successful (SLV and GDX LEAPs for example), the entire port doubles or triples and if you loose, you’re down by one years gains at the most.

  19. Narwhal

    Everyone hates everything near the bottom.