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Housing is Your Go To Sector

Quit wallowing in the underbelly of Wall Street, portfolios teeming with vagrant penny stocks–such as PAMT.

Today is a bounce day, is it not?

Well you need to examine what is working on a strong day because it is a tell on where Wall Street is placing their bets, the “go to” sectors.

Residential construction is up more than 3% as an industry today, making it the best performing industry of the day. Overall market breadth stands at just 65%, so this is a big move in a rather narrow bounce.


Inside of The PPT, I have a housing index compiled, listing all of the companies that are publicly traded who contribute to this great renaissance of American industry.

=Housing Index


The overall trend is higher. Unlike silver miners, who trade lower on a day the base metal is +1.25%, housing related stocks make their shareholders money.

Today’s outperformers are HOV, HVT, SPF, HD, KBH, PHM, MHO, LL and USG.

Take note.

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  1. flyaway18

    You can own them all and more with ITB and XHB. DECK hit my bid at 39.60 but my order did not execute through Fidelity. So much bad news priced in along with a Seeking Alpha story targeting it as a short, especially in a weak market, their words. I’ll be buying more DECK if they disappoint. How about that downgrade to $70 of FFIV?

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  2. Yabollox

    What sector will be up like that tomorrow?

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  3. OG

    Wish I added to HOV on the recent dips.

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