Wednesday, December 7, 2016
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Fly Short: $AG

I sold short Jakegint into the bell.

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  1. The Child Of God

    If people can’t afford WMT, how do we expect WFM to do well?


    • MX2101

      If you are serious, most of the WFM customer base is probably higher income people, who are doing just fine. If a small payroll tax increase shakes out the WMT customer base, that tells you a lot.

  2. juice

    too late to short the Gint

  3. Mr.Partridge

    Just curious why AG? I am so pissed for selling my last shares of DUST yesterday…

    • Goldmember

      AG was one of the few PM stocks that were up today because they are withdrawing their offer for Orko Silver. Probably a one off rally.

  4. theedge111

    I capitulated on metals today and sold about 70% of my holdings.

  5. Goldmember

    Gint has been buying the dip for over a year.

  6. Sierra Water

    Today I felt like reading Denninger for some reason, classic:

  7. Youknowitsme

    I bought more GTU . Will hold till 2015 or so.

  8. omfgitsjd

    Services include a story of “The Important Matter of Jack” followed the ashes being cast into the water from a Folgers can (provided the wind is not blowing towards the aluminum baking pans of pulled pork).

  9. JakeGint

    Insult to injury!