Saturday, December 3, 2016
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A Few Side Notes and Well Wishes

I sold out of more of my VHC position, so much so that it only represents 5% of my holdings. I’ve been fortunate to escape from it with a 15%+ profit, considering it’s an illiquid, trade by appointment, sort of name. There is nothing wrong about VHC, per se (less homo than Bo Jackson); I just need to climb the market cap ladder. That’s all.

Like other men possess an innate instinct to mine for gold bars or stick needles filled with opiates into their necks, “The Fly” endeavors to climb the market cap ladder to safety and ¬†success.

With the proceeds, I’ve reduced my 140% long position to something slightly less than that. Do not fear, small plebeians from the intersphere, I shall reinvest the monies wisely and catapult myself to the +20% range in short order.

Your turgid style bores me and I’ve asked all of the Gods (the new and the old) to kill you where you stand.

May 10,000 bolts of lightening evaporate your well being into ashes and rapacious hurricane winds disperse them quickly–to steal away a proper burial for your family and loved ones.

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  1. tom

    seems a bit harsh

  2. chivo

    yes, but have you asked the red god?

  3. drewdog12380


    The timing of this is suspect? Judge should make a ruling on the AAPL case in short order!

  4. bobbin4apples

    $IEP down 10% today. No one is talking about this.

  5. TraderCaddy

    Bo Jackson?
    Only Bo knows.

  6. Belly of the Beast
    Belly of the Beast

    HDSN – ( $4 refrigerant microcap) 11 x normal volume. Almost a triple over the years.

  7. TraderCaddy

    I really like your AAPL call from a few days ago.
    The time to buy has always been (going back to ’95) when it is hated (Soros has been buying here) by retail and the hedge funds and the time to sell has been when the “experts” call for a $1000.

  8. zzzdoc

    What an awesome last sentence!