Friday, December 9, 2016
18 years in Wall Street, left after finding out it was all horseshit. Founder/ Master and Commander: iBankCoin, finance news and commentary from the future.
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“The Fly” closed the day punching off chest hairs like Bruce Lee, up 13% for the year. Through clever limit orders, I managed to partially divest from my gargantuan VHC position. I had to do it, so shut your cantaloupe heads and go back to playing second fiddle.

I’ve made millions this year and with the +13% year to date, I am only 15% from my all time highs. When I hit that number, and trust me I will (you can bet on 10,000 bibles), I am going to shut this stupid site down for an undetermined period of time. You’re all spoiled brats. You want picks from me, Chess, RC and everyone else. Yet what do you give?


You offer nothing but drivel and when things go on pause for a few months, all of a sudden, you’re a financial guru–qualified to tell Le Fly how to run money.

Let me tell you something, little trollop: I’ve been doing this, successfully, since the 90’s (started from dirt). Keep listening to complete retards with no skin in the game, no real experience in managing large swaths of money. See where it gets you in the long term. I do more volume in one month than all of these clowns combined, over the course of a year.

A pathetic man once said “officer, some man in a black cloak just walked in here, with a giant bowling ball, and threw it at all of us, knocking us into the back of the lane.”

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  1. samiam

    Suck my dick bitch. I’m up 30% sucka!

  2. samiam

    Fuck you homie. I”m up 3 mln on your mommas lunch money.

  3. Rick Piedade

    You won’t shut this down. We are all you got.

  4. drewdog12380


  5. DirkD

    Well done, and even more entertaining since you’ve sworn off swearing.

  6. SRD4

    $IOC – short squeeze

  7. Clock

    “shut your cantaloupe heads and go back to playing second fiddle.” ~Fly~


  8. Mr. President

    Somehow the lack of cussing makes the insults more potent.

  9. drlaura4

    please sir fly do not leave me adrift

  10. Whaler31

    Listen to Senor Fly!

    He will not steer you wrong, for he is an Alien Space Magician.

    Remember, you are but a mere mortal.

    The Fly is using anti-gravitic, beyond the speed-of-light, quantum mechanic, deep space technologies.

    Get a taste of what it’s like to have these powers….subscribe to PPT & 12631, and then BANK some REAL COIN!

  11. Patrick

    Get some BAC warrants. BAC headed to the low 20’s easy $$$!!!

  12. TraderCaddy

    Watch the blood pressure there, Fly.
    BTW, I think the guy in the black cloak was Walter Ray Williams, Jr. or Earl Anthony (RIP).
    Only they could throw a bowling ball that hard.

  13. aint gonna happen


    Well then. Like my moniker, I wish you don’t hit that target. It’s better that way.

  14. surplusdroids

    Fuck it.
    Shut it down. Le Fly must get bored of the inner-web horseshit.

    (although I will miss the hilarious posts and the entertainment the site brings.)

  15. Juice

    da fleas swagger be back

  16. sovatrades

    ze fly winz again

  17. flyaway18

    I’ve been giving YOU guys plenty of pics, all winners (although it seems every stock has been a winner lol) – RIG, DECK, SHLD, HLSS, ELLI (off the low, you sold it AT THE BOTTOM). Now, if you sell Apple, I’ll know to buy it hand over fist.

  18. Zero Dark Kitty

    Indeed, these “testes kicking rancor” columns can be quite jarring to new visitors of iBC.

    Give it a few weeks and you will break the code used by Le Fly that allows many of us to decipher his investment philosophy into “coin”.

  19. chanci

    Here is my offering, Fly – buy EXK, or better yet SAND. Get on the Jake train. It’s time. I feel it in my bones.

    I hope that those picks, given at just the right time, in some way makes up for …whatever.

    In all sincerety, you are an awesome writer! (I don’t follow your stock picks, but your writing is awesome) .

    Where is that book already? I’d buy it. 🙂

  20. punyandy

    Dear $CLF,

    Go fuck yourself.

    – Puny

  21. h grummond

    this site has deteriorated to almost nothing but displaced Stockpickrs
    who need constant handholding Fly you are right to move on and make $$$ and quit in point? only Nymph can go to the Vatican to see the Pope and have him resign
    you are wastin your precious time

  22. Cascadian

    If you shut it down there’s always Gary kaltbaum on AM radio.

  23. The Eye-Talian Stallion
    The Eye-Talian Stallion

    Actually, you get most of your advice from your readers on paint colors, AC units, computers and food choices.

    • chanci

      No. I haven’t been here in awhile but from what I remember Fly was always advising us on what to eat. What to drink, too. Earl Grey comes to mind. Cheese choices, I believe, were along the lines of Gruyere, etc.

      I don’t remember ever being able to offer the Fly any advise on food.

      A/C advise, well that may have went on in the after-hours. I don’t know for sure..

  24. chanci

    That would be advice, not advise. I see still no edit function. sigh

  25. chanci

    The bloggers here rock, but when I quit visiting, there were some visitors that were just nasty rude. Almost like it was a game to see who could be the most offensive and hurtful.

    People aren’t going to want to come back and comment on a board where they get bashed. Why would they? Who would want to be insulted every time they opened their mouth.

    My best advice would be to let the commenters bash the bloggers, but if they bash another commenter put a sock in their mouth. They won’t be allowed to get away with bashing the blogger for long, as the people who visit will stop them, but the people who visit need some protection from each other (the haters).

    My 0.5 of a cent. For what it’s worth.

  26. charlie

    New drake sucks more.

    Started from the bottom now we here,Started from the bottom now we here Started from the bottom now we here Started from the bottom now we here Started from the bottom now? we here Started from the bottom now we here Started from the bottom now we hereStarted from the bottom now we here,Started from the bottom now we here Started from the bottom now we here Started from the bottom now we here Started from the bottom now? we here Started from the bottom now we here Started from the bottom now we hereStarted from the bottom now we here,Started from the bottom now we here Started from the bottom now we here Started from the bottom now we here Started from the bottom now? we here Started from the bottom now we here Started from the bottom now we here

  27. chanci

    And I’m not advocating for TOS. I’m just saying the blogger could exert control over his domain by either deleting the offensive post, or by saying something like “hey, that’s not cool, man”… even just that would go a long way, probably.

    I don’t know. I just know why I quit reading the comment section. It was just too (unnecesarily) painful at times.

    Okay, shutting my big, fat face now. LOL 🙂

  28. chanci

    Oh my god, after reading all the other posts, I should just delete this.

    No edit function. yay.

  29. Degenerate

    “You want picks from me, Chess, RC, and everyone else. Yet what do you give?”

    If you don’t know you better ask somebody.

  30. fake amish

    chanci the new douche bag. Happens over and over. Almost seems fake.

  31. roberts

    Quit and shut down this website fly youre a fake anyway

  32. razorsedge

    Part of what makes you great as a young player can hurt you at the end of your career, in terms of you need a certain amount of ego, a certain amount of arrogance to be able to play well and to push yourself and trick yourself into thinking you’re better than you really are.
    David Cone

  33. The Fly

    There has never been an edit function on this blog. When you mean to say something, say it correctly the first time or not at all.

    A game.

  34. Jc

    I’ve been away on vacation. What happened to Ms Fly to get him all warmed up like this?

    • JakeGint

      Nada, she’s still caliente.

      What you are seeing exhibited here is Fly’s Irish side. IOW, a peak manic cycle.

      I’m convinced manic depression is the predominant reason the Irish are not running the planet right now.

      (Recognizing that Le Fly is only halfsies.)


  35. noodleboy

    pace yourself rabbit, this is a cocaine marathon