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An Undeniable Visual

I created a housing resurgence index almost two years ago, in order to keep track of the sector. Over time, I’ve added names, after becoming better acclimated with every facet of the industry, from financing to bolts. Have a look at the index’s chart since 2009, a 4 bagger.

For all those still in denial of the housing boom to come can cordially stick their heads in a cannon, staring at a cannonball wrapped in this chart.

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  1. Wow! If only you bought 4 years ago.

  2. and you expect us to believe dat?

  3. Would have liked that 2 or 3 bags ago :-)

  4. There is still 6 bags left.

  5. It was a 4 bagger because it started at 100. At this point, with the numero 400, it’s a half bagger at best. Or 400 to 600 which makes a 4 bagger from 09 a 6 bagger.

  6. Good luck with that.

    Mortgage apps remain near all time lows.

    It comes down to jobs and no one in America is working.

    This is just another WAll St hocus pocus scheme. Won’t touch this trade.