Tuesday, December 6, 2016
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The Bears Are at Zero

Facebook leads the way higher. All of a sudden, it is the top pick for Dan “ugly face” Niles, after being his top short. Every single person I know hates AAPL. They look at the iPhone and laugh at it, whilst texting perversion on their Samsung devices (traitors).

Early this morning, a Spanish bond auction went extremely well, solidifying the notion that the european crisis is over. If you think about all of the turmoil that continent endured, GDP growth can only get better in 2013, under a much more benign economic environment.

There are some big movers in the market today, like BBY, MY, NOK, YELP and VOXX–but it’s only a 65% breadth day. There is room for improvement here.

I’m bullish and will be allocating 20% of my cash today.

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  1. charlie

    NAK making preparations to revisit 5 bucks.

  2. Bullish

    I think all the people you know might be just stupid. Apple shall be $1000 before the strike of 2014 New Years celebration.

    • Jakegint

      Gotta love this from the article…

      “Closed at the end of 2012, the deal marks the biggest transaction ever for Houlihan Lawrence, and the firm represented both the seller and the buyer – making it a double pay day for company”

      How the fuck do you represent both sides with any amount of integrity? Unbelievable what these real estate leeches get away with….