Friday, April 29, 2016
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  1. Scott would be in the top five if he would post a bit more.

  2. we miss JL

  3. Danny, Gio, AlphaDawg, CA- seems like yesterday. They were all informative/educational in their own unique ways.

  4. Chart Addict was doing some ill shit. Please locate him, and heap bribes upon his person to come back.

    • That guy was completely full of shit and I wouldn’t be surprised if Fly fired him.

      On the slim chance he was honest, well, then he’s easily a retired multi-trillionaire by now.

      He seemed like he had some skills – just skeptical that he was really making 103% daily returns, or whatever horseshit he used to spew.

  5. Big props to Chess, anyone above the holy “Pelican Room” is TCOB.

  6. The Plumbers Crack

    AlphaDawg was the master.

  7. What’s the latest on Maximus’ kid?

  8. You need to bring back Henry Fool, if only because his name was Henry Fool.