Monday, May 2, 2016
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Black Summer Awaits

If the Fed partakes in an unsterilized form of QE, the markets will trade higher for the next 20 weeks. Sure, there will be pit-stops and walls of worry to hurdle over; but rest assured, asset prices will respond to an expansion in the money supply.

Should Ben cave into the idiot hawks, the markets will plunge.

Any questions?

The only reason why we’re not lower today is because of this week’s Fed meeting. It looked real dicey this morning; but there’s a bid in the market.

Forget about what “The Fly” is doing and concentrate on what’s important to you. My threshold for risk and danger is much higher than most, as evidenced by my proclivities to speed race in cars made from dynamite sticks. I just swung a -3% deficit to a +13% boom in two weeks. That’s fucking nuts.

Granted, it is my god given right to luxury and winsip, by lightening or through pressing a single button on a computer keyboard: I shall have my wins and have it served to my liking.

I am dealing with a mixed bag this morning. But I do not fear the market at all. It is stupid, filled with base participants who know nothing about the world and how it works. Some of these amoebas come to iBC to offer me financial advice. So funny.

Bottom line: QE3 means we go in the black for the entirety of the summer and beyond. Failure to inject liquidity will result in the immediate collapse of equity prices into black space.

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  1. heh heh heh

  2. winship it is!

  3. nice, thank you sir

  4. So Black either we look at it…. enjoy your day sir

  5. How can the Fed justify more QE now. Stocks are up this year, interest rates are at record lows and Europe has been saved by the Greeks.

    • Its dual mandate. Employment is slackening again.

    • and inflation is below target.

    • I am not expecting the mother of all QE’s. But I am expecting more twist.

      And I think some form of QE along with low interest rates will continue until we are in the neighborhood of 4% GDP. And 6% unemployment.

      So basically the next 5-10 years.
      Or until Europe fails and WW3 breaks out. Wichever comes first.

    • Europe has not been saved by the greeks, this was just a vote for new democracy and possible austerity measures. The media sugar coated the deep sovereign problems of high unemployment, negative growth and stagflation that will take hold.

  6. fyi sir Fly, Mally & the Sundance Kid worth a listen

  7. All hail FLY

  8. not only will i boost your accts…im took your IBC notes, for 1st posts… the reason why i have no notes is because i only accept diamonds as payment …something you know nothing about

  9. Chauncey Gardiner

    Remarkable turnaround. Congrats.

    Why never any conversation about the suppression of Velocity of money beyond the rather benign (unless in unrelated venue) term, “sterilization”?

  10. u posted that song last november and the market went up, i guess u r saying we’re in the same point as last november

  11. i dare not question the clam, for fear that he will hover over my house dropping burlap sacks filled with hand grenades.

    snr fly, iyo do we chop range bound until the fed meeting or melt up?

  12. The Eye-Talian Stallion

    And The 0 is in the process of throwing money to the masses. But he still hasn’t thrown a bone to the white middle-class, it may be a massive re-fi at 2% all points paid mortgage offer.

  13. Banks should start accepting IBC bucks.

    (IBC-QE for the duration of 2012)

  14. Fly let me get this straight – you are predicting QE3 to be announced on Wednesday?

    • I am not predicting anything. I gave you a scenario. How I choose to play it remains to be seen.

      I believe they should do it. But will they?

      Risky trade.

  15. I will eat my shorts if QE3 is unleashed this week. Bonds and FX are pricing in more weakness, equities should follow.

    • Watch out. There was a certain individual, whose name I will not mention in these hallowed halls, who offered to eat him member if a certain outcome did not materialise (sic).

      Said individual is in debtors prison here at iBC.

  16. More important question for you Lord Fly:
    Best Armin Van Buuren track ?

  17. gentlemen,you may go to lunch now…well done for now….

  18. i have important things to tend to ..
    good day then

  19. Queer Ejaculation3 is only predick-ted at a ‘medium’ in the Fed bag o’ tricks..according to CommunistNewNetwork

  20. Fly, do you happen to know this Josh Brown guy on Fast Money ?

    Just curious …


  21. The Fly” Ranked #17 “Most Dangerous Person in Financial Media”
    Nasdaq just spiked on this news ! Giving out trade secrets ? Keys to the time machine ?

  22. Yelp = Yell for Help

    YELP is all I buy…

  23. The impotence of the European leadership is a testament to their “weazened” state … Yes, they sorely need some fresh Clam.

  24. xxxHuggieBearxxx

    I give up. Closed most of my positions today, except for that god forsaken GDX clone that I will hold until i die.