Friday, December 9, 2016
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Macabres rejoiced into the bell, sending the Dow Jones Industrial average down a staggering 130 points.  Investors ran for the exits in big cap names like AAPL, which was up just 0.4%. Oil, and other commodities of that genre, plunged amidst renewed concerns that Spain was filled with deadbeat spanish people and the Irish are still drunk and violent.

Memories of the bull market of just yesterday have faded and been replaced with the starkest visualizations known to mankind, such as BLACK SMOKE, CHARDS OF METAL and AAPL up just 0.4%.

As for me, I simply marked time, with heinous losses in MAS, CPST abundant and clear, but offset entirely by YELP.

Facebook bought Instagram for an outrageous valuation, resulting in a 40x profit for venture capitalists who funded it just last year (shout out to Phil Pearlman for nailing Instagram at iBC’s annual dinner last August). As a shareholder and fervent supporter of the superfluities of Howard Lindzon, I look forward to StockTwits being acquired for no less than $2 billion, over the next months or years to come.

Finally, iBC is looking to start investing in start-ups, mainly because we are flush with cash.

Times are tough for a Space Alien Magician (SAM). Gone are the days when people in wheeled chairs parked near open manholes. These days I find myself forced to exert energy to throw those fuckers to their “wheeled deaths.” And, the fucking stock market is fucking people again, with marksman precision.

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  1. Cascadian

    AAPL is the safe haven.

    • Trading_Pymph

      “For still they knew, and ought to have still remembered,
      The high injunction, not to taste that fruit,
      Whoever tempted; which they not obeying,
      (Incurred what could they less?) the penalty;
      And, manifold in sin, deserved to fall.”

  2. Berniecornfeld

    You need to add a place for us to upload photos of ourselves doing stupid shit and then sell it all for billions of billions!!

  3. JTU

    I added to CPST, EXK, and PAAS today. It might be like taking a bullet to my own head.

  4. razorsedge

    facebook buy skype, becomes face to face book. now insta-gram, so they can send cocaine though iphones?

  5. razorsedge

    funny u mention ddd, a friend of mine bot a computer controlled router, he does high end woodwork for boats. he spent less than 3g, he told me that 3-5 years ago they were 10-15g. he got his from a private co. that builds out of a garage.

  6. Honolulu Trader
    Honolulu Trader

    Fuck Oil $ERY 10.62….9.33.

    Added to $RBY 2.94 way oversold!

  7. JTU

    Hey! Maybe something to cheer about!
    Stock pain often short lived after jobs misses.

  8. Trading_Nymph

    AAPL only up .4%, QE3 MUST BE USED AND STOP THIS MADNESS, I so dislike AAPL and thier overpaid CEO.

  9. Bobby Boucher

    I would like to think the next rally in $RUT should be used to scale out of my $RUT longs and scale into $RUT shorts. The only monkey in my wrench is that bullish sentiment has not reached the same kinds of extremes that it has at other significant $RUT tops.

    To illustrate; $RUT reached an all-time high and significant top on 4/29/11. Each of the weeks of 4/6/11, 4/13/11 and 5/4/11 saw the bull-to-bear ratio in AAII’s index >3:1. The best we’ve managed to do so far for this uptrend is 2.5:1 (which was the reading last week). The other indicator of sentiment I like to use is the NAAIM Survey. Significant tops in the $RUT are usually accompanied by the Survey reading >80% for at least 3 consecutive weeks. For the 4 readings between 4/6/11 thru 4/27/11 the indicator was >80%. There has been no reading >80% since 4/27/11 and the indicator has reached a zenith of only 76% this past February and has had difficulty staying >70%.

    I will still likely scale into some short $RUT positions on the next $R
    UT rally but would feel a lot more comfortable about it were the 2 sentiment indicators to show extreme bullishness (>3:1 bull:bear and >80%). Maybe as a split the baby kind of solution I will put on some short $RUT positions and keep some of my long $RUT positions so that rather than getting net short I am instead long but hedged.

  10. Bullish

    Enjoyed the new Kanye song. I’d tell u to bill him for the referral but it was a free download on iTunes.

    • razorsedge

      is that a theraflu commercial, or did nyquil pay him to do that, and whats up with kill someone and put it on youtube? that happened in baltamore? was the him?

    • Dog

      Another DJ Khaled special from MIami…

  11. BustaCapGains

    “Gone are the days when people in wheeled chairs parked next to open manholes.”

    I just laughed out loud, or as the children say…”lol’d”. I sort of hope someone knocks on my office door to ask why I am laughing…so I can explain to them I am laughing at a comment about people in “wheeled” chairs parking next to open manholes.

  12. Whaler31

    Pretty soon, you will hear them banging the drum again, for cap and trade, as the global powers that be(NWO) will not let go of the biggest money-making scam yet known to man.

    Of course, Al Gore will be forced to the back of the pack, only because he is bloated and fat and pastey, therefore, does not make a good figurehead.

    Of course, the largest industrial nation on the planet, China, gets waivers from the global cap and trade masters, and can pollute to it’s hearts desire.

    It is important to distinguish the difference, because the USA cannot. It is a rigged game, don’t be a fool and sign on to this crap!

    And therein lies the argument, my friends. Please don’t be fooled by global warming being man-made, because it is a normal earth axis-shift cycle.

    The earth’s spin axis, and therefore, it’s declination, have been changing (the massive Japanese earthquake, moved it 6 inches, alone)

    Let me be the first to say, that global warming does exist, but it is not caused by man.

    I won;t even get into asking why every single geological feature in the US activated for one day last month, one day! (just ask, and I will show you the proof)

    Having said that, Obama better roll out his equity markets plunge protection team, (Geithner and Bernanke), or all longs are screwed and tattooed.

    If they can’t get a hold of this drop, we will go back to 2008 lows. Gold and silver in your hands will save you from ruin.

  13. taqiyya

    Start-ups? Beware, flushed by cash.

  14. drummerboy

    flush with cash! dude, i would have thought by now,that you,and your esteemed brethren, should own dmnd. the float being what it is, hell, i would think that the LLC could possibly own more than 60% of that nut. and then sashay into the board room,and make some heads roll. give it a bath,put it’s tux back on,then turn around and sell it to some one other than p&g for more than what they offered. do it.