Saturday, December 3, 2016
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Trying Not to Fuck it Up

I just witnessed one of the dumbest creatures aka “bitch” in the world, in front of me at the local CVS store. She laid into the teenage cash register guy for not having her correct information like you would not believe. The bitch went fucking postal, Jersey Shore style, demanding to see managers, CEO’s and “whoever the fuck is in charge of this shit.” As she droned on, with her two idiot teenage kids in the background, the line grew long. As a matter of fact, it wrapped around the aisle, breaching fire safety laws, all because she “wuz helpin’ out some fuck all this time by not having my right numbah’ in the system.”

I really need to leave Staten Island, for my health and for the safety of my neighbors. I NEED THE KEYS TO ZION.

Moving on, this whole cash situation I find myself in is not unique. I’ve tried it plenty of times before and always capitulated, giving into the excesses of the bull. But this time is different because I am up nearly 20% after just one month of trade. Nevertheless, it’s going to be real hard to sit on the sidelines, watching all of you faggots banking coin.

Inside 12631, Ragin’ Cajun is on one of those unbelievable runs, bagging 20% winners like China dishes out accounting scandals. It has been sublime, watching him and Chess absolutely destroy this tape. Bar none, and I’m putting it out there for anyone to challenge, there is no better trading room on the internet than 12631.

All I want from this market is a little blood. Is that too much to ask for? I want panic and fear to hit the tape, causing a cascade of sell orders, the likes this planet has never seen before. Then I want to step in, like a degenerate vulture, and buy it all up.

Still waiting in the tall grass, albeit impatient, looking to kill a few zebras for sport.

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  1. Halfbloodpope

    What you have seen is just a shot full of retard I see on a daily basis at said pharmacy. This is why I need out of the retail business.

  2. fastprophet4u

    Interesting that there’s only one name showing a hybrid oversold number tonight. I suspect the Fly has Firsthand knowledge of it, what with the IBC March Madness right around the corner. However, it also goes down when it’s oversold.

  3. Santorum

    Welcome to Goatseland!

  4. old days

    why don’t you own any basic boring shit as a portfolio “base”? back in the old days you had over a dozen positions, now a days you focus on a handful of high beta names and trade in and out faster than a mongoose takes down a cobra.

  5. fake amish

    12631 is defining the art of peacefully munching on a chinese burrito cooked on solar panels while texting friends in spanish. the fly has won again.

  6. Bravo

    Fly, morons are everywhere. Yet it seems like you encounter more revolting people in Staten Island. GTFO soon before you go postal….

  7. MX2101

    Those to treat service people poorly reveal themselves as low class, unrefined people with poor self esteem.

  8. Don Rickles

    The market has hit S&P 500 1350+

    The market is technically overbought to an extreme level.

    The market has not felt any real pain in what seems like months.

    All of the passive, bubble building, traders are complacent mode.

    -a reason-

    The market wants a reason to sell-off.

    It could be as simple as companies “of late” that have been reporting their quarterly earnings.

    The ones that are missing, like EXPE tonight, and TRIP yesterday, that have been warning about slowing future revenues, and lower margins, increased competition, and that their business is drying up (always told in a nice way, of course).

    So, if you want a ripe sector to bet the downside on, try the greater travel and leisure group of equities.

    Look for stocks like Priceline.

    PCLN, with stupid management, large exposure to Europe, and radical business model dismemberment(like name-your-own-price)

    Also, extreme changes in key, figurehead marketing talent (like killing off their original spokesman, William Shatner, last week)

    Yes, get rid of everything that has worked great for a decade, in an increasingly competitive global economy from hell, and start new.

    Go for broke, or at least, break your companies stock.

    PCLN to $400’s within one month.

    • Blind Read Ant

      Part of the reason I entered $PG. Market immune. It moves to its own drum, and it’s channel ready. It’s the Teflon man with platinum hair and diamond cutting eyes.

      Buy this idea and $PG could go bust, and foreva’ be referred to as a Peanut Gallery

    • Chango

      There are better shorts out there than PCLN. One of the strongest stocks in the market.

  9. Bullish

    Fly, you need to head to small town America. No arguments just good old fashioned nice people. It’s good for the soul.

  10. xxxHuggieBearxxx

    Fly, as i’ve told you before, and for the sake of your kids, you should head out to denver. As one who has lived nearly everyone, and spent 10 years in NYC, this motherfucking place is shangri-la. For reals.

    And on the important matter of cash, this is not the time to capitulate. They are doing an excellent job, and the market may move higher, but not much higher, and it is coming back down. Japan is cracking, china is entering a period of stagflation, and europe is fucked.

    A buying opportunity awaits.

    • sspiff

      Huggie. I’ve lived in many places also (NY (upstate), Ca. (San Jose), Fl. (Tampa) & Co. (Den) I like denver but some parts of Ca. are not bad either.
      I concur with your cash thoughts. I have been adding lower cost options to participate a bit in the upside but sitting with 60% cash mostly.

  11. T-Bird

    Anyone who acts like that has never had a real job in their life. Im guessing most of us on this blog have at one point worked for minimum wage or close to it. I know I did: $4.25/hr.

    It taught me respect for money and how to work hard for a living. There may be more talented people out there than me, but you will never out work me. I learned that from my Dad and my early jobs. I have a tremendous amount of respect for people who work hard for a living because of it.

    That lady never got those lessons…

  12. Fuck Google

    Dimshits are everywhere. This is America. Where you gonna run to? They sucking down the fluoride like it’s fucking Koolaid, downing the GMO corn, the aspartame and pink McDonald’s goo.

    Welcome to the most corrupt shithole in the Galaxy. Welcome to the central banker’s jizz bucket. Welcome, to the USSA.

  13. doughstream

    You will get the scrape you are looking for, but no blood.

  14. JTU

    What did you think of CPST earnings!

  15. Berniecornfeld

    There will be no pullback….ever….just one giant pornlike THRUST!

  16. discoordinated

    Me too. I sold out of $CVX today and am almost positive on my $TZA. Still holding $JBL, $DSX and $LIFE.

  17. Mad_Scientist


    I sense a Steve the Neighbor comment coming…
    or perhaps it’s wishful thinking on my part.

  18. Chris

    Give me a free membership

  19. Po Pimp

    As a matter of fact, it (the line) wrapped around the aisle, breaching fire safety laws

    See, in the south we have a novel way of combatting this type of situation. We get in a different fucking line.

    Your neighbors apparently are retarded.

  20. Raise Taxes, Cut Spending
    Raise Taxes, Cut Spending

    Word of the day – pleonexia

    Roughly means “the more you have, the more you want.”

  21. moolahheaven

    I live in Zion, I am living in the tall grass, and I will strike like David struck Goliath when the time is right…

    Hail ‘Fly’!

  22. ChrisBrown

    Know what CVS stands for? Sucks To Work At.

  23. spammer 2

    If you move you better let your neighbor Steve know in advance.

  24. hillary climtoon

    Staten Island… isn’t the Statue of Liberty around there? When I lived In Manhattan, I never did the bridges or tunnels, and avoided those that did.

    Come to think of it, I saw it in Nichols’ wonderful movie “Working Girl”!


  25. Tony Sucgang

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