Thursday, December 8, 2016
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Perpetual Squeeze

Stocks like VistaPrint Limited [[VPRT]] , CARBO Ceramics Inc. [[CRR]] , Buffalo Wild Wings [[BWLD]] , Quality Systems, Inc. [[QSII]] , Amedisys, Inc. [[AMED]] and Palm, Inc. [[PALM]] are massacring the shorts on a daily basis. This is the easiest market to trade, since early 2003. The only people who are losing money are unqualified ideologues, people more interested in making “OBAMA is a COMMUNIST” signs, than banking coin in this market.

Assholes, the banking crisis is over. Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. [[GS]] is trading north of $180. What do you need to happen, in order for you to take the dicks out of your ears?

On a personal level, with such bountiful year to date gains, I find no need to be “balls on the kitchen table, while speed chopping carrots,” at these levels. While it’s true, the market has another 1,000 points to the upside, before ’09 is done. It’s also true, having 70% allocated into stocks is not exactly sitting on the sidelines.

As you know, I’ve been waiting for a dip, so that I can allocate funds to a myriad of international stocks. Howsoever, should the market fail to drop, I may be forced to chase a little.

A few names, worth a looksy, are Corning Incorporated [[GLW]] , Atmel Corporation [[ATML]] , ADTRAN, Inc. [[ADTN]] and Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. [[BRCD]] , all having to do with the splendour [sic] of 4g.

For the remainder of the day, I will be figuring out new creative ways to destroy my enemies, both old and new. I have a very low tolerance for bullshit and even less for personal insults. Do not insult me, young man, for I will knock your mustache clean off your ugly face.

Top picks: Flotek Industries, Inc. [[FTK]] , General Cable Corporation [[BGC]] , Sonus Networks, Inc. [[SONS]] , DryShips Inc. [[DRYS]]

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  1. j

    Assholes, the banking crisis is over. Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (GS: 184.56 +1.19%) is trading north of $180.

    Interesting that GS is “ONLY” trading at 184 while Morgan Stanley is trading at 32.60.

    If we go on lows to highs MS is trading 4.80 over its low of 6.80ish. GS reached a low of 49 ish and is trading 3.75 over its low. GS is obviously the better firm now. If the market is going up GS should get to 235 bucks to to be equal with a less performing name. GS is going up even more.

  2. Henry Fool

    RINO (14) period RSI isn’t even @ 70 yet. It will get there!

    RINO will print 17 today!

  3. j

    Warren Buffet is up around 2 bars on his GS warrant. fucking A.

  4. SteveTheNeighbor

    Fly. Steve, Jr. is done with the oil change on your PT Crusier and isn’t sure where a couple of parts go back.
    But, it doesn’t appear to be leaking oil too bad.
    Speaking of “Obama is a Communist” Steve, Jr. put that bumper sticker back on, as you requested, after washing the Cruiser.

    You are welcome neighbor.

    • mrkcbill

      Jeremy needs to wrap that Bad Boy PT Crusier Time Machine… IBANKCOIN.COM Vinyl…..good photoshop project….bet it would make front page.

      MSFT….punches thru 30 sooner then later ….I have no charts or Teck[sic] analysis. I just hunker down and pik em.

  5. Henry Fool

    Geeze you think it’s time to get long?

  6. Henry Fool

    Check out RTK!

  7. Henry Fool

    RINO 17 close.

    Who want’s to bet?

  8. John Hartman

    The only bears left are Tim Knight at the slope and Atilla at Xtrends. I can only imagine how much is left in their accounts now.

  9. LOL @ Devildog

    Pick any symbol or make your own up. Doesnt matter, up up and awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  10. Vince the ShamWow guy

    Fly, no need to cut carrots that way. Look at my nuts – it”s all the chopper, that’s all. Put the carrots in – chop chop chop!

  11. herman

    So, we’re going to 11k before 2010? that puts the Dow up 85% from the low and up 25% for the year. See, I can add.

    That becomes the best rally in the quickest time frame ever in the history of the world and a exceptional year overall.

    another 10% in Nasdaq? say to 2400? up 90% from the low and up 52% for the year.

    That would be some muther-fuckin year. it would get everyone in again after it was widely disemminated.

    • Bobby Boucher

      I was just about to ask senor mosca if he meant the S&P or the Dow when he said “the market has another 1,000 points to the upside, before ‘09 is done”. Sure seems like the former which would mean the latter has another 10,000 points to the upside. I’m a trend follower so I don’t give a flying fuck which way the market goes as I’ll play both sides. Just hope the future trends in both directions are as strong as the last two. Crazy sheet, mon.

      Senor mosca is the equivalent of Dan Akroyd or Eddie Murphy (take your pick) in ‘Trading Places’ while the slope dopes are Wison and the Duke brothers et al.


  12. Vince the ShamWow guy

    I don’t know anything about this stock stuff, but GENE and BEE sure are ripping today. Maybe BEE will sting that RINO?

  13. Bubo Verginanus


    Do you still like ENTR?


  14. The Fly

    Still in entr. Love it

  15. Noodle Boy

    I love your attitude Fly. I don’t know about these other guys but I am only here to fuck this market deep in the ass with my oversized multi-dimensional rainbow dick. Your site helps me do that, so thanks.

    • TraderCaddy

      Multi cultural genitalia.
      Only in America.
      What do you check on the “ethnicity” box on applications and what if they ask you to prove it?

  16. mrkcbill

    This is a known fact …..and I think RC will confirm this…..anything that goes to 9800 is physically obliged to go to 10,000 (or as the coked out one’s say– PAR). We need a high-five fest….no?

    Artist….. Sept 25th 10,000 Dow

  17. Vince the ShamWow guy

    The end of quarter nears plus first of month strength, but you gotta go with the dollar – it could bounce and down goes the market.

  18. Joel Weihe

    The_Real_Fly “twitter is the equiv of times sq on new years. lots of noise, but hearing nada”


  19. mrsbuttons

    enough of the girly girl chatter…what’s the ppt’s top oil pick hybrid for today? cheers!