Thursday, December 8, 2016
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God Bless The Partnership

Most of you losers are big time haters of The Partnership, better known by you as Goldman Sachs. However, I take great offense to your hatred, as if you were trying to take my heavily salted 2 1/2 inch rib eye out of my plate and into yours.

Let it be known, if it wasn’t for Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. [[GS]] , most of you money managers/traders/pikers would be mopping aisle 5, at your local grocery store. Goldman has been of great service to this country, dating back to WW2, and is a source of stability in a very unstable financial world. Don’t you fuckers get it? It is amazing for to read/hear some of the ridiculous shit coming out of your blogs/comments, with regards to how “evil” Goldman is and who they are raping today. Assholes, Goldman has a lot of money and influence. Trying to understand how they operate and why is equal to a small maker of gun holsters trying to figure out the secret r&d behind a General Dynamics Corporation [[GD]] missile project.

It is way above your understanding; so quit wasting everyone’s time with inane rumor milling.

With regards to this alleged “Head and Shoulders formation”: cop a walk fucktard. If the market declines, it will be because there are more sellers than buyers, nothing to do with asshole charts and how they make people feel about themselves. Idiots.

For the day, I was up around 1%, negating yesterday’s losses. My new focus, as outlined on The PPT, will be to build a grand portfolio around a certain theme. To do so, I will be forced to blow out of many of my legacy positions, in order to raise cash for the new investments. Over the next two months, I plan to allocate at least 20% of my assets to this program.

Top pick: Corning Incorporated [[GLW]]

UPDATE: iBC still needs your vote.

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  1. Sure

    Who went apeshit on FTK at close?

  2. Scum Bucket Bitchez
    Scum Bucket Bitchez

    Goldman Sachs ubersux. I hope bad stuff happens to anyone who ever worked there.

  3. zephler

    ftk closed positive OMG!

  4. The Fly


    A convoy of black suv’s will be picking you up tonight.

  5. Aris

    how the fuck does bartiromo stay on tv. she can’t even pronounce ‘acetaminophen’.

    i’d feel better about the country as a whole, if it were overtly run by goldman sachs. i’ve been to their office and their trading desk, and it’s amazing in every way.

  6. Goldie

    Looks like GS has made an adam eve double top head and shoulers dark cloud harami at the 50% retrace combined with a inverse descending triangle on the 1 second time period. I am shorting with a stop at the 15 second 20000 DMA/SMA combo line on my double secret trading system. I going to be sooo fucking rich because my techincal analysis RULES!!

  7. The Fly

    Exclaiming a GS head and shoulders is the pinnacle of all fuckery.

  8. ToddinFL

    As most know, the noose is set at 880. This one could take a little time to form on the right side. The good thing for the glue sniffers is that the downside isn’t all that bad due to all the mad jack from the Fed sloshing around. Maybe 805ish.

    Will reassess from there.

  9. Scum Bucket Bitchez
    Scum Bucket Bitchez

    A convoy of black suv’s will be picking you up tonight.

    Chinese made SUVs?

  10. Tonya Harding

    Goldman haters are the scum of this world…the cats that work there are the brightest, most handsome sons of guns this country has. They are jewels, they have ambition and the know how to apply it. Goldman haters are fat worthless pigs that belong in some Raymond James office in Iowa.

  11. The Fly

    Amen. Hit em with a pipe TANYA.

  12. 4fl3x

    “Cop a walk” is so 80’s.

    Try using “Take a ride on on my Disco Stick”

  13. JakeGint

    Not the Jackson Post of the day, but an “infill” I wanted to do on silver, specifically — Hi Ho Silver!


  14. Fromiowa

    “Goldman haters are fat worthless pigs that belong in some Raymond James office in Iowa”

    We don’t have Raymond James in your research…however we do have pigs…some with four legs.

  15. JSaut

    Or maybe just “hit the pipe”.

  16. The_Real_Hmmmm

    I think one of the reasons why Goldman garners so much dissent is because during economic recessions, when financial institutions cannot perform street magic tricks to push the economy further, the working class blames anyone without a tool in their hands or job to better society (in the eyes of the worker). Think about it, to the layman bankers/money managers/CFO’s are behind-closed-doors suspender slapping paper pushers. The engineer, doctor, or factory worker doesn’t have a fucking clue what these people do besides write their check, determine their employment, and decide whether French Vanilla Roast coffee packets will be free in the pantry (for the remainder of the month). When the company doesn’t earn profits and “shit goes wrong,” it’s not the worker’s fault, so who else can it be? The everyday worker will always snap at the one whom they perceive to be doing the least tangible “work.” When all mainstream media constantly touts Goldman as “the best and smartest on Wall Street” who do you think will take most of the blame from everybody.

  17. JakeGint

    Goldman haters are the scum of this world…the cats that work there are the brightest, most handsome sons of guns this country has.

    Smart? Okay.

    Handsome? You’re obviously a “phone trade.”

    Get it straight Tonya, the handsome people (ie, legacy WASPs) are all at Mo Stanley.


  18. JakeGint

    Real Hmmm — “to whom much is given, much is expected.”

    I used to get pissed at LT when I knew he was taking a game off, too.

    (Pretty damn rare, mind you.)


  19. ZenProfit


    “how the fuck does bartiromo stay on tv. she can’t even pronounce ‘acetaminophen’. ”

    I was in my car listening to her stumble over that word and couldn’t stop laughing.

    Did you know that the definition of acetaminophen is:

    “What CNBC viewers reach for after hearing her screechy voice for more than 5 minutes.”

  20. The_Real_Hmmmm


    Yep, same shit different context. Jealousy and anger are the Goldman Sachs and US Government of human emotions. They work together but act differently.

    Also, Jake you should wane yourself from using quotations. With how prodigiously you work and read, get away from copying dead people phrases. I know you’re creative enough to make your own analogies.

  21. Aris

    AMEN, zen.


  22. Scum Bucket Bitchez
    Scum Bucket Bitchez

    Bot a twenty year subscription to Rolling Stone bitchez.

  23. JakeGint

    Real Hmmmm — it’s from the freaking Bible for Christmas sakes!

    The reason these pieces of wisdom tend to stick around is because they are so useful in illustrative writing.

    I would never think to abandon such jewels, as they have enlivened and enriched our culture for thousands of years.

    By Jupiter’s Stone!


  24. JakeGint

    Scum — careful, you may be out sixteen or seventeen years….


  25. The Searcher

    Yeah Goldman, what a great firm –

    “Oil is going to $200 in the summer of 08” All the while shorting it I am sure.

    “Oil is going to $80 in the summer of 09” see above.

    And don’t you just love Hank Paulson, Timmy Geithner, Robert Rubin, and on and on. Wonderful folks! Super rapists of the American tax payer!

    Fly must like to lick the boots of his masters just like as good servile bitch would.

  26. Goldman's man

    The problem with Goldman is that they ain’t working for the Country, they are working for themelves.

    And with all the huge piles of delicately balanced shit out there (other governments challenging the dollar, huge US debt, weak US manufacturing etc) we need a little collectiveness.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I ain’t talking about socialism. But its little good sitting on a huge pile of self-made cash, when the trip to the mall to spend it, is full of pot holes and psychos…

  27. The_Real_Hmmmm


    Then that quote is a testament of your knowledge, if you catch my oil rig toppling drift.

  28. Ecchymosis

    re how the fuck does bartiromo stay on tv. she can’t even pronounce ‘acetaminophen’.

    You see her performance on Celebrity Jeopardy? A bag o’ hammers would’ve scored higher!

  29. brotherwo

    thanks for introducing me to all those other amazing blogs 😉

  30. The Fly

    That’s the whole point of CAPITALISM, dipshit. By working for THEMSELVES, Goldman does greater good for the country, then working FOR THE GOVERNMENT, like some rogue social security office.

  31. Mushroomz

    I got repremanded on StockTwits for saying this last week:
    you Goldman haters are gay $$

    Preston101 is my Twitter name.

  32. Woodshedder

    You are both wrong. The problem with Goldman is that the government works for them.

    And that is why team Obama will hand Goldman complete control of the carbon tax program.

  33. TraderCaddy

    And don’t forget Al Gore.
    He will make (b)(m)illions off the scam.

    Note the name of Hank Paulson in the above article. It also says that GS owns 10% of CCX (Chicago Climate Exchange) which is the only US carbon credit agency right now.

    Something stinks and it aint the two week gravy on Fly’s old server.

  34. Sure

    Goldman Sachs got bailed out and maybe that’s the brilliance of it all because it’s heads they win and tails we lose.

  35. surplusdroids

    Fuck yeah..I called them the other day to talk about some of their mutual funds (because I don’t qualify for their “private wealth management” need 50 – 150 million or something to that affect)..Anyhow I said to myself fuck it..lets talk mutual funds or other options. Bottom line if I wanted to park money with someone..why not go to the kings of the street.

    PS: I am a pussy..but “I aint stupid”.

  36. fool


    I’m going to properly credit Matt Taibbi from Rolling Stone for the extensive research he did on Goldman and Sachs dating all the way back to WW2.

  37. dave

    GE has a carbon credit trading team set up as well. The carbon trading scheme may very well be the next bubble built on bullshit even less substantial than sub-prime/cds/mbs etc…..

  38. Goin'Fawr

    Hey Mr. Fly. Seeing as you are God and all, mb you can tell me:

    JakeGint (take your pick as to which linked meaning applies) is waving his tiny fists in a fretful fury and threatening to have me banned based on an exchange we had today on his blog. To be honest, I am flattered to know I have such an ability to fluster, but that is not my question.

    If he does manage to whinge loud enough and successfully pushes enough stools in to have me blackballed, will that mean I will be forever denied the opportunity to entertain/inform on the whole site, even under the illustrious blogs (I admit, I toady) of Mr. Fly? Or will I just be disallowed from pwing arguments against him on his own Peer Gintious forum?

  39. punyandy

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Dennis Kneale has his panties in a bunch about all of the bloggers that are posting how he is a total retard.

  40. cheesefries

    Aaron Stewart posted a rough 83 today, he won’t be making the cut.
    On the brighter side, the town came out in full force for him today, and I have no doubt he was was inspired.. I hope the best for him in the future. The matches start tomorrow. Good luck to you and your son!

    leaders in qualifying today

    Riley Arp* won playoff Fort Collins, CO 36-32–68 -3
    Lion Kim Ann Arbor, MI 34-34–68 -3
    Christopher Carlin Miramar, FL 35-34–69 -2
    David Erdy Boonville, IN 36-33–69 -2
    Ravi Patel Anthem, AZ 35-34–69 -2
    Matt Parziale Brockton, MA 35-35–70 -1
    Ben Weatherly Glenroy, VIC, AUS 34-36–70 -1
    Robert Riesen Pinehurst, NC 33-38–71 Even
    Tommy McDonagh Wilton, CT 35-36–71 Even
    Samuel Chavez Hillsborough, CA 37-34–71 Even
    Kelly Miller Southern Pines, NC 36-35–71 Even

  41. dave

    He said stool pusher. HA!

  42. eisensteisn

    Vote for million dollar journey, it’s in 2nd place behind that asshole Fly (sorry chart, send me your email) Fly you are humorous, but then again, MJ was a good dancer. You will lose all your money and you will delets this message.

  43. TraderCaddy

    cheesefries- Saw the scores on Golfstat. If you see Lion Kim tell him the Dad of the kid who played with him over the years at Black Bear and Timicuan in Florida says good luck and hi. Known him since he was about 12 years old.
    Good to see Robert Riesen do well in the first round.
    I miss staying at The Manor. They always wanted us at The Carolina but The Manor had the character but I would head over to The Carolina to get the daily afternoon homemade lemonade and cookies.

  44. Indie

    I never watch because i can STAND the guy. but tonite i worked late so, while i ate i put it on. i was in for some funny shit!

    that kneale guy was complaining about blogs and invited my favorite shit thrower permabear Tyler Douche zero hedge on his show but then i found out TD was no show. he went into hiding…

    what a fucking PUSSY!!

    that was a once in a lifetime opportunity to put some credibility into his infowar bullshit and he blew it. what a homo…

    instead they had to invite some pre-pubertal voiced teen named “mike” from some i-don’t-give-a-fuck conspiracy blog who made some completely inane argument about freedom of speech and anonymity. this kid needs to be slap across the head and be reminded that orange county isn’t Iran. too much dope smoking makes you think like a rock.

    fuck ’em. oh and fuck this recession. fuck ’em all.

    Go GS go!

  45. punyandy

    funny thing is that dennis kneale just cut the guy off, rather than going tit for tat with him. shows even more what a loser dennis kneale really is.

  46. Indie

    that,s why i can’t watch him. or kudlow. or fast money. almost all their shows. but it was helping me digest my food. i come from a large family. it reminded of me of my youth around the table.

    but it ain’t all bad. the house of cards doc the other night was pretty good. i liked that.

  47. dave

    Having firms like GS around are a necessary evil. Think of them as the lawyers of finance.

  48. Indie

    true/slant got bloggers with their pictures.

    this is hurting freedom of speech man!

  49. Woodshedder

    Indie, you didn’t really believe Kneale, did you? ZeroHedge has posted the emails between ZH and CNBC. Trust me, CNBC and Kneale just got pwned.

  50. Cebu Sun

    I had you pegged as an iconoclastic man of the people; not a populist- just for the USA. Today you have xposed yourself as the apologist for Goldman Sachs. did you even read Taibbi’s article?

    GS routinely ( Taibbi documents) LOBBIES (sic pays off) new laws into place which were useful in hedging rampant hegemony of banks. They then Create a bubble which they inflate only to pop and pocket egregious funds. This is the old “pump and dump” taken from the basement boiler room and writ on a national scale.

    Nimrod, they dont as you say, “work for themselves and thus for the good of the country”. They have been proven to lay their excessive risk taking on to the backs of the USA taxpayer(cf. $13 billion TARP). They are raping my country you dimwit.

    How many families are suffering from the housing bubble? how much sorrow has been visited onto pensioneers? At what cost in divorces and suicides? Yeah GS lobbied Conrgress and got passed the “Commodty Fut Modrnztn Act” to cease regulation of CDS. That was due to GS mouthpiece Rubin asking Congresss to strip Commodts Fut Trade Comsn of regltry powers.

    Their Bringing non-profitable IPOs in 1990s like Webvan and EPet “ladders” and “swirls”(try reading the article) are the pumping, while maw and pa get dumped i.e., fucked.

    Wood is correct- the government works for GS, not “for the good of the people”. Sheeeple don’t you see what this does to the USA?

  51. Cebu Sun

    Oh yeah – the effect Of GS man at the top: Rubin’s Lobbied deregulation in the Cpassed bill-Coomod Fut Modrnztn Act in 2000 was to permit CDS with no regulation. And so it continues.

  52. The Fly

    I am not for the people, young chap; I am the people. Moreover, I do not feel sympathy for losers who took a mtg and got pawned as a result. I am only interested in making money, anything to the contrary is simply not me.

    Go read your fucking soap opera blogs if you want justice.

  53. omfgitsjd

    So where is this market going?

  54. 308

    Citi on GLW tonight:

    Estimates & Target Price Edge Higher – Our already above-consensus estimates
    edge higher on today’s news and with pot’l for further positive revisions going
    forward. Price target now $20.50 on higher estimates, unch’d target multiple.
    ? Stock Call — Remain buyers of GLW at current levels. Glass cycle still has legs:
    today’s news indicates that demand remains healthy and we believe
    environment should improve further into 2H on better global economy &
    healthier panel maker customers. We expect further positive EPS revisions
    through year end and believe shares should respond positively. We believe
    GLW will upside its CY09 glass forecast to ~2.3bln ft2 on 2Q call (BMO 27 July)
    and believe that preliminary CY10 total glass market view could be ~2.7bln ft2.

  55. omfgitsjd

    I’ve seen my share of serious moves after a head and shoulders or inverse head and shoulders, but fly is right, it’s all about supply and demand of shares.

  56. donut boy

    Fly. You can go down on GS all you want. I get you now. Money is king. You and GS and your money worshipping cadre are fucking over US taxpayers and loving every minute of it. I have you pegged. My wish is for you to be mauled by a canadian grizzly with an anger management problem. You deserve what your going to reap.

  57. Cebu Sun

    “Young chap”? I do say, you have a disarming way about you.
    GS is playing you like a fiddle; pls bend over and present your scrots as cat gut.

    1. create Oil bubble, then pop. 2. GS Trading Co ponzi into Shenadoah, Ponzi into Blue Ridge, then pop. 3)Creep in Glass Steegal, then create 50 times leveraging; burnt, TARP bailout. OH THE HORROR.

    Think: this effects the upper 1% as well as “the masses”.

  58. Cebu Sun

    Can I ask a serious question? Are you a former employee of “the Partnershp”? My God, how deep does this run. They’ve taken ober everyone. They snatched Flys egg sack. Everybody runnn!

    Sychophant vs thinking for oneself…hmmmm.

  59. JakeGint

    pls bend over and present your scrots as cat gut.


    Pretty good.


  60. Cebu Sun

    Thanks Jake

    With GS we have asked freddie Kruger to babysit our kids. In short, we deserve and can expect massive future “corrections”. Carbon mkt next. Don’t wanna get caught on the wrong side of THAT trade. Oh, never again…

    I am gonna go draw smiley faces now and do some deep breathing stress reduction exercises.

  61. Indie

    shed – i stopped reading ZH when they started posted links to racist nazi sites. so, in my opinion i wouldn’t be surprise he’s actually the one lying to its readership. conspiracy theorist are not short of trick and ideas of making shit up to fit their agenda: victimhood in order to bag on that all too human feeling of powerlessness.

    at the same time i value your opinion and i know major networks love to fabricate the drama.

    anyway, it could be either way. but at this point i don’t really care. it’s not a big deal to me. it was just a good laugh to see zero hedge getting some well deserved shit publicity.

  62. j

    We used to have really good fun with GS’s exotic currency desk interbank trading. they had a trader who traded his ego and not price. We’d often take them for a quick 50-100 G a series of trades.

    GS haters, you can beat them at the game if your smarter and more ruthless than they are.

    This GS conspiracy theory is truly laughable.

  63. Goin"Fawr

    For some reason this makes me think of SU…
    My Patch
    Who does this guy think he is, Donovan?

  64. Indie

    cebu – did you know goldman employees take an oath to the great evil one when they reach the third circle of secret. they pour virgin blood on their face while snorting large frikin tracks of blow. it’s all blow and blood. AARGH. i’ve done it myself. at home.. I replicate the dark mass of money. perhaps it will bring upon myself fabulous egregious wealth of the goldman sachs kind.

    btw, happy canada day!!

    fucking HEY!

  65. The Chart Addict

    Indie – what do they do with the virgin?

    Disclosure: I do business with The Partnership.

  66. Indie

    well.. i’ll let your imagination runs wild… WILD.

    but as for the legal aged ones they are sent safely home after they’ve provided the menstrutes ceremonial juice. as for the others…

    wild stuff…

  67. ryan

    I am joining you in GLW tomorrow, but it will be in the options world.

  68. Indie

    no virgins harmed. well aside form that priest that once tried to disturbed a ceremony in ’86. they say that’s why the market crashed the next year on the anniversary of the bloodshed.

  69. The Fly

    GAGA for Goldman


  70. Cebu Sun

    See. See: CA just admitted doing biz with “thePartnership”. I tell you people, they are snatching GOOD traders and morphing them into zombie soulless heart suckers. Go rent The Body Snatchers.

    Indie, you laugh now but wait til you develop an appetite to steal old men’s cat food dinners and “Madoff” the local Widow and Orphans Fund. (Sotto Voce)”Come back to the GOOD side. ”

    Come to think, I have also done biz with GS- Ive been on the losing end of those trades. Fuckers.

  71. toptick114

    Government Sachs/Goldman Suchs is nothing short of a Criminal Syndicate, “The Commission”.

    Along the lines of The Gambino’s; Luccheses; Bonanno’s; Colombo’s and Genovese’s!



  72. omfgitsjd

    The last great depression was followed by the ritualistic slaughter of 70,000,000 human beings on this planet (otherwise known as WWII). This pattern of human sacrifice can be traced back to ancient Egypt and continues to this day.

    On the other hand, I could just be a little emotionally on edge. I was objectified by a female doctor wearing black yesterday.

  73. purdy

    “By working for THEMSELVES, Goldman does greater good for the country..”


    If you can’t understand what Goldman does to make money, fine. But just because you find it too complex, you shouldn’t assume that it’s good.

    One simple example ..and a question for you. How has Goldman’s (and other’s) collecting fees for packaging and selling crap mortgages while at the same time placing bets against what they were selling – – then getting the taxpayer to pay off those bets when the counterparty failed – served the country?

  74. Yogi & Boo Boo
    Yogi & Boo Boo

    TC – I meant to compliment you sooner on the new “TC” avatar. Great stuff.

  75. Cash-N-Guns

    Short GS via puts…fuck you Lloyd Dickfein.

    Short- HIG-MET-LNC..all shit companies with shit-ass mgt.

    hey bulls buy some…have a great weekend this 4th. God bless america..fuck off Obama you illegal muslim POS.

  76. j


    I’m actually long MS so I’m sorta defacto long GS as both firms are high class. Can i ask you a question, as you’re one of these GS conspiracists. Why do you guys think the stock isn’t worth the money?

    Purdy says:

    One simple example ..and a question for you. How has Goldman’s (and other’s) collecting fees for packaging and selling crap mortgages while at the same time placing bets against what they were selling – – then getting the taxpayer to pay off those bets when the counterparty failed – served the country?

    They and their employees pay a shit load of taxes nearly every year they have been in business. for one thing.

    It’s perfectly plausible to have on e section of the bank long a position and another short in the same instruments. In fact that’s an example of a smart firm that allows its traders to express their views and doesn’t make them beholden to tyrannical management.

    There were countless times when traders on my desk were running positions opposite to what I was and vis versa.

    You and some other dues think this is some sort of huge gotcha, but it isn’t as traders have different points of view.

  77. Cash-N-Guns

    J…I am not one of “these conspiracists” as you say…just interesed in profits…I may have a point of view on the goldman operations…but more importantly I want to buy something, and sell it higher..if you have GS footie pajama’s thats your problem.

  78. purdy


    Fly said that Goldman’s greed was good for the country.

    The question I posed to Fly was: “How has Goldman’s (and other’s) collecting fees for packaging and selling crap mortgages while at the same time placing bets against what they were selling – – then getting the taxpayer to pay off those bets when the counterparty failed – served the country?”

    And btw, Goldman was not holding the mortgages they were packaging as you suggest. They were selling them while betting against those to whom they sold them. Pure sleeze.

    Fly’s thing is to drop bombs to generate traffic on this site – – I get it. And I suspect that he knows better than the BS he spouts and that doesn’t believe Goldman is accidentally doing us all a service ….do you get it?

  79. Cash-N-Guns

    J..dont cry…Credit Suisse..downgrades your idol GS..& MS…you should call their research department and complain about this…

  80. TheArtist


  81. piker

    do we really need all the hate speech from this “cash n guns” clown? certainly not a distinguished gentleman, and certainly drags this site down.

  82. Mushroomz

    INTC breaking out!

  83. j

    J..dont cry…Credit Suisse..downgrades your idol GS..& MS…you should call their research department and complain about this…

    I’m not crying nor complaining, cash. CS HAS not downgraded MS nor GS and their target price remains the same…. 28 and 160 bucks respectively.

    Your information is wrong or you’re lying as I have their research right here.

  84. adam

    someone please explain why GLW is down again on an up day!?

  85. Cash-N-Guns

    btw did I ever tell you guys that my Mom was sodomized by an illegal Muslim? Thats why I’m such an angry little dickhole.

  86. OO

    How do you bears feel this morning?

  87. Cash-N-Guns

    J…dont falsely write under my name please…high school is over. Thanks..not lying read on and fuck off.

  88. TheArtist

    I call fucking bullshit……
    first off “pending home sales” number are false bullshit numbers….I know for a fact that the banks are holding peoples mortgage apps for weeks giving them the sense they will be approved, adding another number to the “pending” list only to turn them down after waiting for weeks.

    in fact it has happened to my cousin 3 times now, he has had his house on the market with 3 contracts “pending” only to have months tied up and all 3 were eventually turned down.

    here are the headlines on Yahoo right now;
    *Pending home sales up 4th straight month in May
    *Mortgage applications fall to 7-month low

    now, how can pending homes sales be UP if mortgage apps fall to 7 month low?

    well, I’ll tell you how, pending home sales numbers are meaningless false bullshit indicators.

  89. Cash-N-Guns

    Perhaps if you had earned a GED like I had, you would be better able to understand their research. So fuck off

    Off to see my tranny bf

  90. DrewDog


    TSTR – we should have bhgt yesterday…

  91. OO

    Epic rally will soon come.

  92. TraderCaddy

    Just like Romper Room (for those old people).
    I am holding my magic mirror and looking around.
    I see relatively weak banks, oil coming off highs, and strong chip equipment makers.

    No clue what to do so I wait.

  93. j



    fuck off, I didn’t. Ask Fly to confirm it, if you don’t believe me.

    Where did you get the CS downgrades. Please post the link. Other people must receive CS research so they can confirm what i said that they have not downgraded MS and GS.

  94. Bill

    Anyone know why FTK hasnt tanked yet today?

    Ah, nevermind, there it goes.