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The Big Bull Market Road Map for April

“The end of March brought on the last trading of the quarter, with the S&P Index hitting new all-time closing highs in what felt like a very choppy couple of weeks. While we still have not raised our official 14,590 price target for the Dow Jones Industrial Average as the peak for 2013, we will be adjusting that number by the end of the first week of April. 24/7 Wall St. has laid a blueprint and road map for what you should watch for in the month of April as the bull market continues despite the woes in Europe.

We evaluated many key market and economic issues for this April bull market road map. Companies raising dividends, the lists of stocks to buy and stocks to sell, the top merger trends, activist investors, gold and oil, tax issues, quantitative easing, the best bank stocks to buy, the earnings season on the way and many more key issues were considered….”

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