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FLASH: Hong Kong Property Stocks Poleaxed in Bloodbath Trading Session

The Heng Seng is down nearly 800, with shares of property stocks leading the way lower.

R&F Properties -9.57%
Evergrande Real Estate -9.52%
China Overseas -7.17%
China Resources Land -9.2%
Sohu China -6.2%
Greentown China -16.04%

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  1. MarshalN

    Bluechip real estate shares are faring a little better, but only on a relative basis

    Cheung Kong -3.56%
    Sun Hung Kai -3.31%
    Sino Land -4.21%
    New World Development -4.23%
    Wharf Holdings – 6.14%
    Hendersen Land -4.74%

    You get the drift

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  2. bluehubbard

    wtf does bluechip mean? it sounds like a std. do bluechip herpes breakout less?

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  3. checklist

    and we still haven’t faced a china blow up or a large dollar rally.

    the prognosis here isn’t good.

    what i hate about being in the markets is caring about this stuff. if I just bought a crapload of VZ, VOD, T, and bonds, I could sit around and fail to waste all the dividends, and fret over what my favorite car is.

    participaing in the markets forces one into a fairly large degree of stress, fretting over things that you canont control. lol

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