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Late Night Inflammatory Thoughts

I know lots of people have lost jobs on Wall st. and we are still reading about job cuts.

Many people in America for that matter have lost jobs or have had their incomes suffer as a direct result of the financial debacle.

Could a class action lawsuit be brought against the world’s  largest banks, mortgage companies, rating agencies, and regulators for colluding in a profit scheme that directly affected the income and livelihoods of millions ?

Think about it. Municipalities and funds the world over are suing for losses.

All different types of industries like investment professionals could sue for loss of wages and or careers.

You lawyers need think  about it and  get paid on this one.

Never forget the actions of a few to collude, conspire, create, and peddle worthless paper as AAA caused the economy  to halt there by creating a lack of confidence, loss of income, homelessness, etc

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LUkErRmHTc&feature=related 450 300]




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Support Your Party

A close friend once told me he did not like the president and his policies, but voted along party lines.

I had to reconsider my friendship…a two party system is stupid.

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Siegel: Undervalued Stocks Poised to Gain 20%

“I think they are underpriced. I actually think they’re very attractive particularly relative to bonds,” Siegel tells CNBC.

Jeremy Siegel
(Associated Press)

“Relative to bonds, relative to money markets, I think I would have been a tiny little boy — in the ’50s — before I have seen markets as attractive as they are now,” he said.

Read more: Wharton Professor Siegel: ‘Undervalued’ Stocks Poised to Surge 20 Percent
Important: Can you afford to Retire? Shocking Poll Results

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Its Very Nice to Work for Big Government

I’m for all government salaries being no more than 2x the national average. If it was up to me then you’d get just the national average and two tickets to Disney Land….oh wait the White House is a fantasy world; scratch the two tickets.

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Europe declares war on rating agencies – Telegraph’s AEP

A chorus of policy-makers from Europe and across the world have denounced Moody’s drastic downgrade of Portuguese debt as an act of financial vandalism, accusing the “Anglo-Saxon” rating agencies of driving states into bankruptcy and destabilising the global system.

Europe declares war on rating agencies

Politicians have denounced Moody’s drastic downgrade of Portuguese debt as an act of financial vandalism.

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Republican leader is malleable to closing tax loopholes

A top House Republican Wednesday signaled new flexibility on White House demands to close wasteful or ineffective tax loopholes as a way to bridge differences with President Barack Obama and Capitol Hill Democrats in talks on a plan to reduce the deficit and pave the way to increase the government’s borrowing authority.

“If the president wants to talk loopholes, we’ll be glad to talk loopholes,” said House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va. Cantor added that any revenues raised from closing such loopholes “should be coupled with offsetting tax cuts somewhere else.”

Cantor’s comments reflected important, if nuanced, flexibility for Republicans. His earlier position was that closing loopholes should wait for a comprehensive effort to reform the tax code.

Cantor declined to specify what tax cuts should be financed by any new loophole-related revenues, but he declined to rule out using them to pay for renewing expiring tax cuts like a popular credit for new research and development that’s popular with businesses.

The show of flexibility comes in advance of a White House meeting Thursday between Obama and top congressional leaders.

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Today’s Biggest Winners

No. Ticker % Change Industry
1 COIN 78.00 Agricultural Chemicals
2 MOBI 17.82 Business Software & Services
3 HTCH 17.62 Data Storage Devices
4 PMI 16.81 Surety & Title Insurance
5 VHC 13.05 Internet Software & Services
6 KCI 11.89 Medical Appliances & Equipment
7 PTIE 10.61 Drug Manufacturers – Other
8 JVA 10.52 Processed & Packaged Goods
9 DANG 10.47 Chinese Burritos
10 REDF 9.70 Internet Service Providers
11 RENN 8.45 Chinese Burritos
12 COOL 8.01 Multimedia & Graphics Software
13 AH 6.87 Health Care Plans
14 MTG 6.78 Surety & Title Insurance
15 DEXO 6.56 Publishing – Periodicals
16 RDN 6.35 Surety & Title Insurance
17 AVII 6.04 Drug Manufacturers – Other
18 HEV 6.00 Industrial Electrical Equipment
19 SIFY 5.95 Internet Service Providers
20 ICGN 5.87 Diagnostic Substances
21 SODA 5.82 Beverages – Soft Drinks
22 VRUS 5.69 Drug Manufacturers – Other
23 DPTR 5.69 Independent Oil & Gas
24 SQNS 5.59 Semiconductor – Integrated Circuits
25 GLUU 5.42 Multimedia & Graphics Software

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