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POT is Going to Zero

Naturally, I am joking. But, all of this fervor for fucktarded fertilizer stocks must end—badly. On the back of upward surging financials, I expect to see the “farm fuckers” to suffer a great deal, via much lower equity prices.

Ironically, SMN looks good here.

During today’s trading, we did nothing. Most investors are skeptical about taking a position, prior to Chief Rocker, Ben Bernanke.

With my money, I will continue to nibble at WB, LAZ, CTRP, HANS and UYG. However, at the same time, I still have massive positions in SRS and FXP.

Essentially, my recent flurry of long positions has made me market neutral.

With regards to MVIS:

The company is hosting a luncheon in Manhattan tomorrow. I will not be attending, due to a “busier than God” schedule. However, I will have one of my spies in attendance. I will let you know what he learns.

BWLD is breaking out, by the way.

It feels like early 2007, all over again.

I like the Chinese lottery tickets, for a trade. NOEC is my play.

And, finally, expect the market to throw out a flurry of false signals, over the next three days. In my opinion, your money will be best protected being market neutral.

Long financials/short ag sounds good to me.

NOTE: Sometime tonight, Dpeezy will release his campaign commercial. Stay tuned.

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Fly Buys: JOE, LAZ, WB, HD, NOEC and HANS

I put about 25k in each of the above names. JOE @ $42.30, LAZ @ $38, WB @ $28.44, HD @ $30, NOEC @ $5.46 and HANS @ $33.27.

Disclaimer: If you buy any of the above stocks because of this post, your country club will revoke your membership. And, you may lose money.

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Warning: SKF is Broken

I will probably take a stab at it, below $90. For some reason, people love bank/brokerages again.

Why fight it?

After all, they just reported the most horrendous set of numbers I’ve ever seen, in my 31 years of existence—yet they trade up.

In my opinion, LAZ looks the best for a trade, right now.

In other news, MVIS is climbing today. As promised, I will start to follow the company with greater vigor, during the 2nd half of 2008. Providing they are on track, I will buy some shares.

I’m starting to buy HANS again. Its been a long time since “The Fly” went long, the Godly maker of the worlds best soda pop: Monster Energy Soda.

If only the ungodly cost of production and trucking can go down, HANS would be rocking right now. Nonetheless, they are a premium brand in a booming world, for both KO and PEP. I do not think anyone would be surprised to see a $50 bid from either company.

Chinese lottery stocks continue to impress. Today’s winners are: GSI, GU, SEED, SOHU, NOEC, EFUT, EJ, JRJC, NTES, GSOL, SNDA and WX.

However, keep in mind, towards the end of every rally, the shit floats to the top.

Speaking of shit, “crap handed” energy stocks are running, specifically SYNM, TMY, BEXP and FPP.

My favorite crap roll in the sector is OMNI.

Top pick: LAZ

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Planning to Run Away

I’m likely to be less brave, the closer we get to the Fed meeting. Considering how much the market has sprinted in recent weeks, I do not want to be left holding the bag, should Bernanke and Co. displease Mother Market.

So, all recent purchases may get blown out, in order to raise cash and limit market exposure.

It’s worth noting, if “The Fly” had not got his balls blown off in his short positions, he would not be this cautious.

Either way you slice it, ag plays are done. POT, MON and MOS are yesterdays newspaper. I will cover my POT short, under $100.

Finally, I will be taking profits on MER and UYG, up at these levels. And, I will hold LAZ, HANS and WB, for greater upside.

CTRP is not done going up. And, SNCR is a piece of shit. Six out of 7 isn’t too bad.

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Meet the Candidates

iBankCoin Presents


[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkYKcYgC-hA 450 300]

UPDATE: The Godly folks over at iBC have retained the services of Dinosaur Trader, for the May 6th elections. He will be live blogging the elections here, giving you all the “play by play,” one precinct at a time.

NOTE: He will be paid a very handsome sum of money to perform this duty.

UPDATE II: The candidates will be buying airspace on iBC shortly, in order to beg for your votes.

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BEHOLD: Elections

The candidates that will replace Gunners are being sorted through, “as we speak.” Last minute applicants will be denied, unless of course you know “The Fly” personally.

The elections will be set for May 6th, 2008—the same day the retards go vote for Obama or Clinton in Indiana.

Until then, I expect there will be some “campaigning” in the Peanut Gallery.

Remember, it is a one day poll, scheduled for May 6th, that will determine who will join the Godly folks over at iBC—tab, revenue split and all.

NOTE: Tabbed bloggers do not receive excess coke.

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Good to be Bullish

All day, I gleefully kicked old men down empty elevator shafts. As you know, old men are bears. “The Fly” is neither old or bearish. As a matter of fact, he is young and bullish—who drinks large quantities of Monster Energy soda and eats massive amounts of greasy chicken wings.

In case you are worried, “The Fly” has a rapid metabolism, which enables him to do such egregious things, without him looking like a fucking meatball.

It’s time to buy [[HANS]] again. I’ll have you know, “The Fly” is Lord Supreme Commander of Hansen Naturals share price and has made truckloads of newly minted euros trading it.

For the summer, I will be going long HANS, in large quantities, and milking those who bet against it.

Also, I threw a few dice at the table, buying [[OMNI]] and [[LEH]].

Frankly, the financials are where money will flock, as everything else “appears” to be pricey. Look for good balance sheets and huge short positions as fuel for your fire.

I’ll have you know, over the weekend, “The Fly” will be grilling sword steaks and 2 1/2 inch thick rib eyes, in anticipation of future Godly market gains.

I’m out.

UPDATE: Before I left, I bought the lazy fuckers from [[LAZ]]

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