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If you were concerned about inflation yesterday, you should be shitting your pants today.

Check this out.

Natural Gas +8.2%
Copper +8.1%
Silver +7.7%
Zinc +7%
WTI +5%
Platinum +5%
Aluminum +3.8%
Gold +3.3%

Sir — are you interested in crashing the economy or not? We jimmied +400 on the Dow and +130 on the NADSAQ, with euros surging ahead by 2.2% and the US 10yr +5bps to 4.17%.


The market had no fucking idea what it was doing today, surging and then collapsing and then surging again.

On top of that, we had a slew of stocks getting poleaxed and ripping the faces off shorts at the same time. Check this out.

39 stocks down more than 10%

52 stocks up more than 10% (data via Stocklabs)

What the fuck was that all about?

The short answer is no one knows or people are truly this stupid as to front run the RIGGED US elections. If anyone thinks the elections are real — please step forward. They’ve been rigged since the days of George Washington and rigged even more with arch comic book criminals like Hillary Clinton and Jim Cadaver Biden taking up space.

On the other hand, ’tis November — the month of meat and gravy. Markets like to rally this time of year. Very festive.

I closed +111bps for the session, trading to and fro. I am heavily hedged into Monday.

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Most Retarded Rally of All Time: REVOKED

BULLATARD were out and about this morning sopping up discounts — jimmy-rigging stocks higher in the hopes of making it. Meanwhile, shares of the inherently anti-white TWLO were down 35%. Shares of DKNG -22%. Shares of TEAM -33%. The entire SAAS space RACKED WITH LOSS, as Elon Musk embeds himself at the Twitter HQ culling half the work force.

We are all so concerned about inflation, yet with copper up by a staggering 7% and WTI +5%, we are also so complacent as to accept the notion that this was acceptable and the Fed hikes were of no consequences because today’s jobs numbers were good and the borrowing costs for new home buyers and those servicing mountains of debt could handle it.

Then all of a sudden, the +200 NASDAQ rally disjointed and collapsed. Now we sit atop a fresh layer of dead bodies, traders who barreled in sideways hoping to slip out the other side unscathed.

These tunnels are lined with razors and should be navigated by professionals only.

Having said that, I’m +95bps for the session — trading both the long and short side — looking for an end of day collapse.

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Morons bid up futures after the jobs report came in hotter than expected at +260k. Meanwhile copper is up 6%, WTI +5%, and TEAM and TWLO are down 30%.

Are you retarded?

The whole point of not buying stocks is the Fed is angry about the economy not breaking and worried about high commodity prices, because that is what’s causing the inflation that is making them hike.

Since the open we traded in an i formation straight down and I used that weakness to close out my shorts for a +62bps session.

I of course believe markets should trade lower, but we might rally a bit first. Nothing is pre determined other than the fact the Fed isn’t going to pivot and you’re not getting a break this time.

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Th halcyon days of 2006 are never coming back, the era of the shopping mall and peak Pax American are a far and distant memory. We believed in 9/11 and the wars and everything America stood for: freedom and democracy. It turned out, all of it was a fraud and the people who concocted these schemes are arch criminals, who, as a matter of fact, still rule you and are now telling you we need to protect the “democracy” of Ukraine — which was elected by sniper rifle in a 2014 coup.

In 2001, at the onset of the New World Order, America’s debt burden was $5.5 trillion or 55% of GDP. At the time it was considered to be an atrocious thing and responsible people wanted it reduced by ending the deficits. Well if you thought that was bad — how does $32 trillion or 124% of GDP sound in a era where the GDP portion is about to decline?

The only reason why the US dollar isn’t toilet paper is because of petrol dollar schemes. That, amongst many other things, are in play with the war in Ukraine — which is why they are going all in.

Tomorrow we have employment data. Hope for bad news.

I closed at session higher +102bps and amazingly my quant closed +255bps — with a bias to the downside in trading.

All trades are publish in real time inside Stocklabs.

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Moronic bulls are on the loose today, celebrating the morning dead cat bounce of a ribald nature. It seems, and one would BEHOOVE oneself to suggest such a thing, but it seems it’s actually over and most people don’t know it yet.

The FUCK JOE BIDEN trade is on and with vigor, as ERX ascends into heaven and the QQQ into the pits of hell.

The tech nerds have been dispatched and with it all of the money of the Globohomo.

If concerned about Senior Tropicana, you needn’t be.

Even my non-discretionary Quant is up nearly 3% — because I am a person of a most esteemed professional nature.

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They said it couldn’t be done, there was too much cash on the sidelines and too much turkey in the month of November to crash lower, yet here we are bogged the fuck out to the tune of -500 NASDAQ over the last 2 days.

You might look in on your permanent bull friends for a wellness check today because we are STEAMING the fuck lower, amidst the dollar soaring and interest rates in kind.

The idea of buying the dip is foreign, since the pivotooooooors have been violently eliminated from the game of play. All that is left is pain and enduring the market as it unwinds and blossoms into true crisis.

I’m now 97% cash, +60bps for the session, a consummate professional unfooled by the daily occurrences.

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You cannot get more hawkish than this. Fed’s Powell all but warned equity investors that the Fed was going to lay waste to their portfolios. This was explicitly stated when a reportedly errantly stated market had responded favorably to the Fed’s +75bps move, when in fact they had already traded lower by 131 NDQ. Powell responded by reminding the reporter the Fed wasn’t done.

Let me be emphatic.

The Fuck You Joe Biden trade is 100% a go. The Fed said NO PAUSE, strongly suggested PIVOTOOOORS to eat dicks. He even stated it would be better to overshoot than to permit inflation to become entrenched. He also stated the idea of a pause was moronic.

The market is now pricing in another +75bps for the December meeting. The idea of the FOMC stopping there is contingent upon just 1 thing: massive job losses.

The bottom line you need to understand is, as you gaze upon ROKU shattered to pieces in the after hours, the Fed is now mandated to destroy the economy and cause massive job losses.

The Permanent Bull class of investor has been dispatched and his body parts severed from his torso upon the Catherine Wheel in the great fires of 2022. Might I suggest you look towards to future to see black smoke and shards of metal bustling throughout your city streets — burned concrete and melted automobiles following a nuclear strike by Russia as the Ukrainian war takes on a more mental illness phase of development. You will rue the day you let your leaders get away with it.

In the meantime, wear your mask and inject poison into your children, all for the sake of science and feeeeeeeeeling better about yourselves — slow, dimwitted, vacuous, soulless scum.

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Markets Spike on Rapid Increase in Borrowing Costs

The FOMC hiked by 75bps and the market is pricing in another 75bps in December. On that news, stocks have taken off to the upside, with a wide array of things gingerly trending up. I took an opportune to trade a little of this and that before the spike and have more than halved my losses to -45bps. The initial move is way up, with the Dow +300. The NASDAQ is only +5, OFF the highs, but still more than 100 OFF the lows.

Into the close, who the fuck knows. I presently have a long only book with 40% cash, no high beta stocks — just larger capped old man risk averse names in an effort to slow down my beta to provide me with time to understand what the fuck the market intends to do.

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Short stocks, long oil is the “FUCK BIDEN TRADE”, which makes me feeeeeel good because he’s an idiot and a terrible leader and I have anger issues. On the other hand, the fucking FOMC is about to light up markets at 2:30pm. Anything can and will happen. They could signal pivot and we might gap higher by 1,000 or they might suggest even greater tightening and the doom you see before you will deepen and blacken until your portfolios are left in dust.

I am unsure as to the direction of markets today, and have been unsure for sometime now. Nonetheless, I continue to navigate and search the markets meadows for treasure and am convinced, at some point, I will cast upon a salient I deem suitable and propel higher.

As a dark winter of death and destruction awaits around the corner, we should be mindful that the United Steaks has just two things left of note.

1. Dollar reserve
2. Wealth via stock exchange.

The latter is being dismembered as we speak. But we still do have a strong and robust dollar, the envy of the world. This only can be threatened if US power is called into question, which is why they are all in for Ukraine. Should we lose the war against Russia, I suspect the dollar will collapse, at which point gold and even Bitcoins might become attractive again. Bear in mind, SHITCOIN has weakened as the dollar gained and stocks fell. The morons who ebbed into BTC when DOGE was all the rage have been dismantled and burned, no longer on the chess board.

Bottom line: No one can honestly predict what will happen at 2:30pm. My gut is for a spike, but I would not be surprised if the Fed said things to purposely wreck stocks in order to keep inflation at bay.

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You’ve got to be fucking mad. These lunatics live to roast bears upon their spits. At 2:30pm today, Chairman Powell will be making a speech in order to RIG markets higher. Also, I believe Cadaver Biden / Hitler will be speaking too. His speech, however, will be retarded — because he is in fact the father of a crack head. I suspect Hitler will discuss seizing oil profits from American companies in order to fund the nazis fighting the Russians in the Ukraine.

For the most part, I am a long-term now — leaning heavily into insurance and large financials and semis, with a IWM hedge via TZA. I am vacillating between down 20-55bps this morning.

I see oil stocks are down on a day oil is barely down. Relax. Oil stocks were up 30% last month. The FUCK Joe Biden trade is on with vigor and oil is destined to squeeze his nuts to $150 by spring 2023.

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