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Aspiring financial advisors believe ‘we will knife lower tomorrow’ based upon a medley of ideas and machinations. I do not think so. In fact, I am 130% levered long into tomorrow, with a token position in $GME and a full sized one in $AMC and $RDDT.

I very much want to be part of the cadre of people who bring about the end of western finance. It does not matter what the stock is. If that stock is about ruining Pax Americana’s banking system, in this case via a gaming store stocks, consider me in.

Whilst I might lament along the way and bitch and moan about motives, in the end, you can count on Le Fly to join the rabble rousers. I will even bring my own guillotine and offer my services to pull the lever.

I made 1.75% today and I am rather impressed with myself, even though today’s gains were mostly due to happenstance. Nevertheless, I have been unlucky enough times to warrant a bit of luck and mean reversion, if you will.

I look forward to more gains in the AM.


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