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The Crisis of the Fractional Banking System Continues

The velocity of money is a real problem for anyone not living in the west. All of the worthless dollars we have sloshing around don’t afford much in America. If you head on over to Mexico or any other nation not in the west, average salary is still $500-750 per mo. The state of California just announced minimum wage of $20 p/h to take effect and Mexicans believe this is all the money in the world, until they try to live on such a wage. We have lots of money — but the value of the dollar doesn’t buy much here any more, unlike in Mexico.

It’s all part of the fractional banking system, which has taken the dollar and printed it infinitum in order to finance wars, bribes, and gambits. One of the gambits everyone here has benefitted from is the stock market. The true value of stocks is likely 80% lower. You’d find that out very quickly should the FOMC ever cease to exist and the velocity of money paused. There’d be a worldwide crisis, a shortage of dollars, and a subsequent deflationary vortex that would courrect prices to their rightful places.

I say this now, with stocks down 2% and commodities soaring. Both oil and gold represent hard work and effort and is assigned a value based on demand for them. People need oil to survive and people want gold because they fear what the end game is for the fractional banking system.

Luckily, or smartly, I’m allocated heavily into both and have gains of 6bps for the session, all but skipping out on the carnage so many of you are bedraggled in now. Rates are spiking and the price has of food, healthcare, college and anything else that cannot be outsourced is at record highs — because your dollars, as great as they are compared to other currencies, simply do not posses great buying power.

Best case scenario, the Fed is abolished and the Jimmy rigged system of Monopoly money ends, restoring true value to the dollar supported by assets. But you and I both know that is not going to happen and the only way to protect ourselves against the hidden inflation is to make more money, either at work or through investments.

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  1. txchick57

    We’re +212 bps with oil, silver and natgas positions along with UVIX. Life is good.

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