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Managing Though The Storm

I decided to “lock in” today, turn on the trading turret and really apply myself, as opposed to trading by phone whenever the urge persisted. As a result, so far, I am +71bps, in what could only be described as “superb” trading. I have core beliefs in day trading and much of it revolves around both price and volume movement. I will shill for Stocklabs, not only because it’s my company, but also because I built the tools necessary to trade and trade well inside of it.

The idea is to find stocks moving higher on a 1 min, 5 min, and 15 min scale, but doing so with volume. When lucky, you will identify a theme, a group of stocks moving in tandem, predictably, such as gold or bitcoin miners or AI stocks.

The simple fact of the matter is, a good trade doesn’t need the market to go up. A good trader makes more money on the way lower than up and a great trader is able to anticipate these moves in advance.

Into the final hours of trade, I am reticent to commit to being bullish or bearish but will tell you that I have zero shorts and I’m just scalping day trades here. The move higher in gold, however, is most impressive and given the danger of war with Iran — the oil trade is on the table.

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