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Rates Pull In; Markets Pull Up

What did I say yesterday?

“My assumption is for rates to calm the fuck down, which may provide succor for battle tested longs. We shall see.”

Today we have the US 10yr -5bps and the Russell ripping mammaries, +85bps. Today’s tape is much better than what the indices suggest. My High Beta index is +2.6%, a true barometer of risk. Whilst you sit there all slovenly and stupid trying to fish out the meaning of life — “The Fly” has transcended such small thinking and has hacked the stock market to be his personal ATM.

Gone are the days of when I didn’t know what would happen next. I know exactly what will happen and am in complete control of my sense and my purpose.

I closed out all of my positions in my trading this morning, +90bps — because I had to partake in a sojourn to the fucking dealership to see about my car battery leaking acid. It’s never a good thing to see and if I wanted to jump start someone with a leaking battery, I might find myself inside the hospital with 3rd degree burns and a shot nervous system.

Today’s market is focused on small caps and risk. I am not sure this is a recipe for success; but am open to the idea. I am going to walk my fucking dogs now and then make some eggs and coffee and then get back to trading, in that order exactly. I will also continue to pop into Stocklabs and talk shit to my paying customers, in order to remind them how lucky they are to have me guide them through the fires and lead them to victory.

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  1. flea

    “Gone are the days of when I didn’t know what would happen next. I know exactly what will happen …” Yeah you know a lot, but, did you know your web-site is fvcked up? Your latest postings are sometimes not making it to the front page. No pictures … and you know how we like pictures.

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