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Closed All In Long, In Spite of the Horrors

The American Congress and Senate wants to destroy the nation via dysgenic policies. Crime is running rampant because marxist scum operate at every level of America’s government. When I think about all of the things that I hate about this country, I am so overwhelmed I can hardly express them into words, which is why I much prefer to simply talk about stocks.

This way, things are much simpler. I am enrobed in a bubble of my own making, where illegal migrants and neocon scum do not intercede in my daily routine. In a sense, trading is and has always been the original meta verse — where people congregate in a fantasy world to pretend and shape a world of their own choosing. If I want to ignore the GLOBOHOMO satanic policies of my government, I can simply buy $RUM and $DWAC and perhaps some stocks representative of traditional ideals.

The stock market, if you’re unaware, is the single greatest game ever invented. Every day there is a new puzzle to solve, some unique others are merely repeats. Your memory is tested often, attempting to recall how you played hurricane or wars in the past. We all know how to play riots and pandemics now — something the last 4 years have provided us with.

Markets are very weak today, but there was a rally and I managed to close next to flat, but fully long into tomorrow. My assumption is for rates to calm the fuck down, which may provide succor for battle tested longs. We shall see.

All in all, the pin action continues to favor large companies over small and the single biggest risk to everything is the interest rates, so keep a very close eye on that.

See you catamites tomorrow.

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