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Fuck You, Still Going

I don’t even feel like boasting about my gains anymore, as I have elevated to the next level of my evolution. Soon it won’t be meaningful to even berate my readers as I already feel close to nothing. The market went up and I made money — because I am a weathervane and move swiftly, at all times, with the prevailing winds.

I do not care if you’re impressed or idle in disbelief. It means nothing to me. I do not write for your adoration or your business, but instead inscribe a historical document of a man who once traded in the early 2000s and never lost. Through thick and thin, my story will be studied for generations to come.

I have core beliefs in the tape: $UBER, $RUM, $SPOT, $CDNS, $ILMN just to name a few.

So you know, Mrs. Fly is thoroughly unimpressed too, a point which I admire but I’m also unimpressed. Anyone can trade well and turn a little bit of money into a lot. You just need to have a very high IQ, good instincts, and possess the discipline to know your ego is useless when attempting to measure up against others just as smart and cunning as you.

Oh you think you can beat me? Let’s see you try it.

+7.1%, YTD, closed 85% long, beta of 1.69.

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    TSLA looking to like it’s ready to kick the hillary media and the woke mafia in the face like micael jackson right now along with RUM and TRUMP 2024 american vegan patriots havenanything to say about it….. Ayoo!

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