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Stepped Aside Except for my $RUM

It’s a mixed bag out there, with a bias to going up. There are many stocks down today, however. As a point in act, only 45% of stocks are up today.

Thanks to some luck long $XPO, I have gains of +37bps — locked in — 94% cash and my sole position is $RUM.

Why am I obsessing over $RUM?

The elections LOOM and the right wing dissidents are talking extreme shit, exclusively on Rumble. Unlike Youtube, who caters to the GLOBOHOMO and the western satanic NWO, Rumble let’s people say whatever they want. What a novel experiment.

Free speech isn’t something bestowed upon us by governments — but a GOD GIVEN RIGHT. The fact these GLOBOHOMO nations are now jailing people for expressing their opinions shows you how much of a farce democracy is and how the time has come to radically alter the way our nation is governed.

I have some errands to run, so I will not be trading much. I do not like the tape and do not hate it — so I moved to cash, except for Rumble of course which I already stated above.

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