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There are times when trading that I am coy, unsure of myself — but never afraid. And then there are times when I am extremely brave rooted in convictions and end up producing outsized returns. I am presently in the latter phase and have a sense of being indestructible.

I’ve gone through the crucibles and have made it out the other end at RECOURD HIGHS. For the most part, I’ve remained at RECOURD HIGHS since the COVID lows and have 10x’d my account in a manner that is unbelievable to the washed up or newly minted trader.

I closed the session +87bps and have positioned myself for EXTREME GLORY tomorrow, blessed by the Gods to provide the working class with cogent and decipherable dialog to help them escape from their hellscape existences.

Thursday is by far the worst day of the week for stocks this year.

After the close, both $PANW and $CSCO shit the bed and all appears to be lost. The mood is grim and dire and men leveraged long are looking at their windows now, thinking about how fast they could open it and jump out of them tomorrow when markets open LIMIT DOWN. Yet, I have no fear — none at all.

THEN THOUSAND blessings are bestowed upon “The Fly” and whatever happens tomorrow can be fixed. Everything can be fixed and made to be better. This is the real timeline of human existence.

The nature of trading is as follows:

We place ourselves in a position to win with minimizing risk. At times we push the envelope in an effort to outperform. If said gambit goes awry, we simply take the L and reset and move on. If I get harangued long with losses tomorrow, I will not enjoy it — but I won’t let it stop me either. Traders get washed out when they get paralyzed by their mistakes and are unable to reset and start again. Since that’s all I do is reset and start again, I am not afflicted by this problem and hence possess the ability to pivot and reassess my position.

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