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Bulled Up Into the Close

Look at me — I have no fear of a pullback. Lots of things can happen from now until the closing bell, yet here I am heroically 95% long, just 5% cash. This type of courage is rare these days and I only exalt myself in order to give you courage too. Get the fuck out there and own some stocks — be a man.

The bears might have you believe Xmas season is all but canceled and that stores will only be looted by thieves and grabblers — leaving nothing left for the Blackened Friday people to fight over. I think this is a pessimistic view on Pax Americana.

I’m sure the thieves will refrain from ruining the holidays for others and instead of looting — they might pull out their American Express BLACK cards and pay for their wares. After all, this is a Christian nation and the people of America would never sully the name of Jesus Christ just to more easily afford to wear designer goods made by the devil.

I view today as a consolidation day following a waterfall rally. Tomorrow will be up. More after the bell.

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