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Markets Dispassionately Lower Early On

Markets are basing out this morning with weakness in small caps and of course the fucking scientist in the biotechs. The price of oil has collapsed by 3% and gold is up, which is a trade I’d rather not take. I just cannot think of a world where oil is down and gold is up. Well, I could but it’d be a very bearish one and at the moment, I’m a bull.

On that note, my bullish position has me down 97bps early, thanks to $COST $MSTR and several other piece of shits. Don’t worry, I sold them and made myself small in order to keep my losses manageable.

Like I said yesterday, losing money is fine. Being wrong is fine. But deluding myself for the sake of ego and letting things spiral isn’t fine.

I’ll try to perform magic acts to get back to profit today, but it looks like a downer.

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