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Still Bullish Bros

I cleared out my positions in my trading account, which was 100% long, at the open for gains of 103bps and fucked off until now. Now that I’m back I see stocks were trending lower, likely on fears of rates heading back up. The US 10yr is +11bps and you have every right to be scared.

But not me. “The Fly” doesn’t cower in the face of selling. I bought a monstrous sized $SOXL position here — because it’s the right thing to do. Into the final hours I’ll allocate fully into this tape, based on several important factors.

1. The Bull Market is back.

2. National Festival Days looms.

3. Target earnings were good.

Inside of Stocklabs I have 3 other portfolios, in addiction to trading. One is a quant, which is 20 stocks allocated once per month based off the Stocklabs algos. The other is a Tesla account, which only buys $TSLA once per month. And the other one is my strategic holdings account, which is designed to be a longer term account — custom tailored for people who work long hours at the coal mine and cannot have freedom when the sun is outside.

That account owns $TGT and is up nearly 9% for November. I tell you this to boast and brag about my good fortunes, letting you know all of the many tricks I have up my sleeve, basically indestructible.

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