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Took the Morning Off — Now Back At It

Mrs. Fly likes to tell me “you haven’t worked since the early 2000s” — referring to the time I decided to quit working for other people. But she really does think I do little other than bring in large sums of money, which, seemingly, fall from the sky into her wallet. She used to tell me that “anyone can go out there and make $250k” and that if she wanted to — she could do the same.

Who can argue with such madness?

There is some truth to what she says, however. When I was younger and less secure, I’d posit theories that “working with the brain is more taxing on the body than manual labor.” At the time it seemed like a nice way to defeat her, tossing obscure pseudo science into her lap just to see what she’d do with it. But her natural instincts are very good and I’d quickly lose that argument too. It wasn’t until I hit my 40s that I realized that being stoic and unflinching in the wake of turbulent waters was the best remedy to defeat chaos.

I take a similar approach to my trading. When I’m on I cannot stop trading and can, at times, over trade myself into lunacy. There isn’t a pause button on me so the only way to remove me from the trading turret is to do something else. At times a good nap is in order. Other times I’ll read book in my library whilst listening to baroque era music. Today I did exactly that and didn’t bother trading the market, since my body is taxed from all of the toil I’ve been enduring using my brain to trade effectively.

Perhaps today I’ll remind Mrs. Fly how difficult a job I have, always on call, just like a doctor, to help others manage their affairs — tweeting on X — and writing important blogs that will one day be inspected by future generations as to the mental capabilities of our people.

At any rate, I’m heading back to the trading turret now to gun down some fucking bulls. Wish me luck.

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