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It’s Nice to Rally — But Don’t Get Too Comfy

We are ramping now and there is nothing the bear can do. They’re all there now, laying down and bleeding out — heads bashed in. They had a plan and it went sideways, as their plans always do. The bulls occupy all of Wall Street now, popping champagne, corks and all, into each other’s faces. Grand and elaborate celebrations — bringing back memories of great economies and even greater markets. Maybe this will turn into that too? Maybe just maybe XYZ will go to $1,000 per share making me the richest man that I know.

The truth is, unfortunately, the bears are immortal and after we kill them — they’ll just come back at us — again and again — taking bites off our weak — eating the really weak with savage appeal. This battle for supremacy will never end and at times it will seem to be over. How could it not? But then something will happen and we’ll all dance and sing again — like apes in banana trees cooling in the mist.

For now, the bulls are in charge. We have the Iranians in their box and the enemies of the GLOBOHOMO on the ropes. The LGBTQ flags are basking in the sun of every western capital and the transgendered bulls are urinating standing up in the ladies bathrooms — lipstick affixed, eye shadow and knee high stockings in tow.

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  1. soupbone

    That’s horse mag-nure, its rigged as fuck, all musical chairs. Futures market is completely delinquent in play with huge bets and huge leverage. They just need the harp and violin to keep playing.

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