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Here’s Me Predicting a Brighter Future

Since this blog has been, more or less, one doom cast after the next for the past 3 years, I thought I’d mix it up and think ‘outside the box’ and offer you some glimmers of hope in an otherwise apocalyptic landscape.

The war in Ukraine will wind down peacefully, leaving Russia in the Donbas and Zelensky in Kiev, who will then be re-elected President to preside in Brussels as the newest member of NATO. We will then station nuclear missiles inside Kiev and battleships in Odessa to assert US hegemony.

The war in Gaza will end without any of its neighbors intervening. In the end, Israel and the US will convince and cajole, threaten even, Egypt to create a new city for Gazans. Israel will then settle the newly captured territories and continue working on the new trade corridor from China through Saudi Arabia through Israel into Europe.

With the wars concluded, the US can then focus on the real threats to the country: COMMUNIST CHINA and white supremacists.

We will arm Taiwan with nuclear missiles to prevent a Chinese incursion, whilst at the same time declare the “one China policy”, where we pretend to believe Taiwan is still part of China, to still be official US doctrine — all but gaslighting the Chinese to death. Since 20-30% of our Ivy leagues are populated by Chinese students, we might need to place limits on our “elite making institutions” in order to protect American democracy.

Lastly the issues of white supremacy must be stomped out for good. The final solution will be to mandate that at least 60% of government jobs and in the private sector employ “persons of color.” Reparations for the blacks will also be necessary by affixing a 10% tax to all whites for the sins of the people who had their skin color back in the early 1800s.

Protected groups will include gays, trans, law enforcement, and those married to a person of color.

With these new programs in place, the pervasive evils of white supremacy can finally be stomped out and Americans can continue to loot and shoot each other to their heart’s desire, without the annoyance of laws and order — liberal democratic ideals that produced slavery and Chinese railroad workers.

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