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One chief complaints I’ve heard about my trading is the difficulty in which it is to follow. One hour I’m short and the next I’m long. Typically I’d toss these complaints into the trash where they belong. However, being the charitable person that I am, I considered this to be a novel challenge for me. So, effective immediately, I’ll taper down my activity to be less of a day trading morass and more of a coherent methodical direction when executing trades.

Today’s tape would be very bullish if not for the fact that rates have soared again. The drug addicts are already saying stuff like “rates don’t matter bro” and they’re happy as pigs in slop. But maybe there is a modicum of truth to this lazy way of thinking. After all, the housing market is dead from fall to winter and rates aren’t too important until next year. Ergo, markets don’t seem concerned about it now.

But is this retarded way of thinking dangerous? YES! You forget the balance sheets of banks own a ton of treasuries and those fucks are down to 50 cents on the dollar now. We are steaming towards a banking crisis.

Meanwhile, at least for now, markets look constructively bullish.

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