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We Are in a Silent Bear Market

Listen to me.

Stocks YTD are down, in spite of what the homosexuals tell you.

Unlike you morons, we track this shit inside Stocklabs.

Over the past year, the median return for all stocks is -3.7%. Oh, you want to see 2023, do you?

Choose a time frame you bitch.

So how is the fucking NASDAQ +39% YTD?

Because $NVDA +216%, $META +148%, $TSLA +104%, $AMZN +64%, $GOOGL +53%, $AAPL +37%

You do realize those same stocks were fucking annihilated in 2022 yes? Those gains are in fact RETARDED and if you’re buying into those returns — you yourself are RETARDED and low IQ.

Now I know what you’re going to say next.

“Oh Fly, fuck off you piece of shit. You’re always coming on here declaring the sky is falling and it never does!”

But that is not true — cunts. The sky has fallen so many fucking times since I’ve been blogging here, circa 2007. All it does is fall, recover, fall, recover etc. We have been collapsing for decades, interrupted by soaring stocks buoyed by FOMC easing. I might’ve just muddled the waters with that scattered thinking there — but believe me when I tell you nothing is copacetic.

It’s true, I want stocks to cascade lower — burying the permanent bulls in sell tickets — margin calls depleting their funeral expenses to the point of having to be cremated out of necessity. But I play ze game and pretend to go along and get super bullish when feeling gregarious.

I closed +33bps heavily hedged against my longs — haven’t lost a fucking cent since this market began collapsing again.

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