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Oh You Think the Selling is Over?

Markets are bouncing today — but it’s more bullshit than anything else. Small cap breadth is sub 50% and people are jimmying stocks higher based upon rates being FLAT. Buddy — you’re gonna need a lot better than that to extricate the plebs eating canned-slop out from their housing troubles.

I know — the people in NYC are paying ALL CASH for their $5m apartments. Meanwhile, outside of the fucking lunatic asylum we have people paying 60% of their salary for rent — unable to even contemplate the concept of buying a home.

Also in the real world — Brent crude is $90 and we’re just getting started. When the sun dims and the clime chills — you will reflect upon $90bbl as a cheap bargain — something to be enjoyed at the pump. Ultimately, you’re all tax slaves to pay for Ukraine. We must, at all costs, stop Putin from becoming Hitler 2.0 and taking selfies in front of the Eiffel Tower. Meanwhile, the Russian army is having difficulty expanding their bridgehead a few miles in the Donbas. Of course we can have it both ways — eat cake and have it too.

California just announced transgender history month — the first state to recognize our medicated friends who like to dress up in Mommies clothes. I didn’t bother to look at the month they proposed — but I’m assuming October — for obvious reasons.

I’m +48bps because I am a professional. I used to do this for a living — unlike you bastards who shit-trade in between large bites out from your sandwiches. I am adding to hedges and will make sure to keep them over the weekend — mainly because it’s September, after all, and I’d really hate to miss out on a great spectacle of a market crash — traders FESTOONED all over their computers — screens painted red laden with brain matter.

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