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Markets are down today and luckily I dodged the morning bullet and kept a 20bps gain for the session. We are suddenly waiting for and interested in inflation data — because oil has been soaring and our fat hedonistic brainless leaders want war — so the price of things, almost all things, is inexorably at risk of going up.

Ladies and Gents — you might not know it but you should. America is on its last legs as a coherent populous with shared history and culture. I chanced upon a year in review of 1985 a week ago, at that time I was 9. We live in an entirely different world. The immigration policies of this country has assured that by 2045 American’s of European descent aka “the whites” will be a minority at 45%. Whilst to the ordinary non-racist plebeian — this news is benign. After all, you’re not against some diversity and you’re certainly not hateful.

To quote a great man: “well, that’s just like your opinion, man.”

The collapse is 100% assured, partly due to the fact that people no longer want to have babies and are much more interested in having fun and going on watered slides and stuffing their fat fucking faces with pie. They’d prefer to date women well into their 40s and visit concerts and drink beers with their homosexual bachelor friends, and then wake up the next morning and drink juice from the bottle. We are a listless people because our purpose has been annihilated.

Having said that, maybe a great big world war is exactly what we need to cull the herd and wake people up. Perhaps this is just the way things have to be to reset people. You must admit, this is a wholly stupid way to get people to create families and to make interesting things. What if we had a state level effort to promote traditional values? I bet a sense of normalcy would return to a mostly atheistic and gluttonous people. But that’s not part of ZE PLAN!

The country doesn’t belong to you. You simply rent it. The people who own it are changing it and if you don’t like it — well then — go make your own country.

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